Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What would you save in a Flood?

This is the hallway..looks like the Titanic.
When your phone rings at 5 am, it's never good news. As my daughter was sleeping last night, a 4" water pipe burst 5 floors above her in an empty unit under construction. While she dreamed it was raining outside, she awoke to ankle deep water. Her brand new apartment that she has only lived in for 3 weeks was completely flooded. She tried to escape through the stairwell, only to discover a cascading waterfall. That's when she called me. I suggested she grab a coat, boots, cell phone and keys and head to the other stairwell and call the fire department.

4" of water disappeared into the units below.
 Over the next several hours the 4 inches of water disappeared into the unit below. 47 units in total were damaged, hers one of the worst. Some of her furniture will be OK, rugs are ruined, all the flooring, baseboards, bottom 3 feet of wall board, bathroom vanity and the entire kitchen has to be replaced. Her poor landlord and poor her.

Tomorrow the Fire/Water loss people pack her entire place and put it in storage while she is camping out at the hotel across the street. She has exams for the next 2 weeks and a job interview tomorrow. Soldier on Sweet Pea!.

And what do you think she saved of all her belongings?
Her entire shoe collection was safely stowed in the bathtub.!

I know I was promising to show you her Petite Maison on the blog, but I'm now delayed on that front.
Several hours later, the water is almost gone. The baseboards and kitchen cupboards have started to swell and burst.
All base boards in hallway off and tossed
This is the residual water under her flooring. Her sofa may be Ok, fireplace wet and likely won't make it.


  1. what a terrible thing to happen but thank goodness the shoes are okay! and could it happen at a worse time when exams are so close? yikes! I'd be searching out a cocktail or two. But on the plus side - shopping for new things. :>)

  2. Aww poor thing! Maybe since she had such bad luck today it means her interview will go really well!!! I used to do marketing for a fire/water restoration company so I know how devastating water can be to a dwelling. Tell her good luck on her interview and her exams!


  3. OMG! I feel so sorry for her .. and the other tenants / building owner. What a mess. Of course, it's mommy they call when disaster strikes and we wouldn't have it any other way. Wishing her luck with the job interview ++ exams!

  4. how absolutely awful! I am so sorry to hear this..Hope things turn around quickly and that everyone has good insurance.. :D

  5. Hi Chania

    So sorry to hear of this. How scary it must have been for your daughter, particularly happening during the night Happy she is well.

    Helen xx

  6. My oh my . . . The stress with loss, thankful your daughter is okay . . .

  7. Oh no! I literally gasped when I read this! Poor thing. I can only imagine the panic in her voice when she called you. Luckily her shoes are saved ; )
    I hope her exams go well and things get straightened out for her quickly xo

  8. How horribly disruptive - your poor daughter. Saving the shoes shows spirit!

  9. Oohh Chania - your poor daughter! I too read this and found myself gasping out loud! What a nightmare, it sounds like she is being very brave, but being displaced so early in her out-on-her-own experience, such a shame. I am sure it will get back together in a short time. Lou x

  10. Oh dear! Better than fire, though, I suppose. Hope she was insured.

    1. Yes she does have insurance thank goodness!.

  11. So devastating. So disappointing for her. Just makes one sick. She'll get thru this mess.....blessed she has you for support!

  12. Shoes, how funny. I think I probably would have tried for my vintage furniture after making sure all of my photos and family treasures are ok. I hope this is all covered by who caused the damage. I have had our basement flood during bad rains and I have learned to keep everything in plastic bins for storage, it may not look nice but at least everything is dry down there. Good luck to your daughter.

  13. Oh how awful and such bad timing as well. I hope it all gets fixed and she can get settled back in soon. Poor girl!

  14. LOL! I have a daughter who would save the shoes! Clever of yours to think to use the bathtub! My kids recently survived a flood. They didn't believe that the water would actually rise to their apartment, so they evacuated without saving anything. They lost the contents of the first floor. Thankfully the baby's things were mostly on the second floor. It took more than 6 months for them to be able to go back home.


  15. Bless her heart....what an awful thing to wake up girl saving her shoes ....... (smile)

  16. Oh no! What a thing to happen. Not sure what I'd save - probably my passport.

  17. She definitely has her priorities straight :)
    I think I would try to save our rug .. it is ancient and precious and everything else is wood.
    I worry about water all the time since we have had several "issues" here in our apt thanks to the old lady upstairs.
    I look forward to being in a house again where I know what is going on upstairs :)

  18. I feel for her. This happened to my mother-in-law twice last year, she saved her shoes too. We know what we like!

  19. I'm so sorry Chania...busy trying to think if there is anything I have to donate to her to help her re-build. I'll put my thinking cap on this weekend and let you know!

  20. oh how aweful - poor thing! hope the insurance is quick and generous, and she's back to normal soon! xxx

  21. So sorry for your daughter's misfortune. That is rough! Lucky for her, she has you to help her through trying times such as these. What would I save in a flood? It would have to be some select pieces of art and my cats. My shoes would just have to go!


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