Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A bit of my art

Hand felted and hand embellished beads

To call myself a fiber artist is perhaps a little self indulgent.  I have sold a few pieces and gifted a few more, but it is not something I persue as anything more than a hobby at the moment.  I have always loved textiles, especially wool, and particularly raw wool.  I love the differences in sheeps wool. Felting occurs when you add soap and aggitation to raw wool.  No stiches, no glue.  It is the oldest form of fabric, first occurring when tribal peoples placed raw wool on horses backs. 
"This piece titled "Porridge" is #2 in my series of “white on white” felt art. Hand felted, using wet felting techniques, it is constructed of 100% pure Corriedale and Alpaca wools. I love working within the confines of simple white wool as it has a raw earthy-ness, and demands that I interpret it with relief, dimension and texture. Using felted “tiles” allows me to explore scale, balance and rhythm in composing the final piece. The wool is basic, naturally colored, warm, wholesome, un-processed, earthy, raw, old fashioned, comforting and organic-hence the name Porridge." 

 Wow did that sound a bit like an infomercial?  Sorry!  It was actually the blurb that accompanied this piece when it was shown in the Greenwood Gallery in Guelph.  I had three pieces accepted into this juried show. 

Two years ago, I decided "why cook dinner and clean my house?" in my non working hours, when I could sew thousands of tiny glass beads onto hand made felt beads and trade them with other fiber art fanatics around the world (Fiber Art Traders)  I did a few trades, and these were 3 sets that I traded.  The 3sets I got in return are all hanging on my crazy capezi shell light fixture at the cottage, so I will have to photograph those another day when the cottage opens up.

I seldom felt now.  I do miss it (not the barn like smell that comes with the raw wool) and will do some more pieces, but I a waiting for both the time and inspiration.


  1. So happy to have discovered your blog. Thank you for your comment yesterday. And how timely to see your explanation of felted wool. I had a customer the other day tell me about a rug she purchased with this type of wool.

    The table score is something I would have fought YOU for!! And I noticed it was sitting on an interesting looking kilim rug. (Always love red).

    Thanks for having us on your blogroll. We love everything vintage and I have placed your blog on our list as well.

    Jane T. @ atticmag

  2. Beautiful Chania!!! It is definatly a piece of Art for me!! Your talent is so beautiful and unique! Love, love, love it!
    Mon thought me to knitt on pure wool from the sheep we had in our farm. It's so nice when they are raw and the feeling after the work is done is just beautiful. Embrace your Art!!!! You are very talented my friend!
    Li :-)
    Love, Li :-)


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