Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scrumptious Ruffles

Yesterday I posted on the talented Li from A Creamy White whose scrumptious ruffled pillows I had been admiring.  While Flea marketing this weekend, I came across a very non-vintage find.  This beautiful ruffled pillow cover pictured above was buried in a pile of nasty old bits.  I may have passed it by previously, but after seeing how gorgeous these ruffles look in Li's house, my eye went right to it.
After a good washing it came out fresh and bright.
I rather like it with my wacky floral pillow I picked up last week.
It looks fresh and Spring-y on my white sofa.  And it was only $8....
There is a tag sewn in.  It says Elena Brunelli.  I have never heard of this designer/manufacturer, but it is very well made.
I am thinking how pretty this would be in pale, pale pink......
I added a feather insert to give it the right amount of Squish.

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  1. I LOVE this ruffled pillow!!!!!!! Lucky you! Thanks so much for sharing and happy white wednesday.

  2. LOVE LOVE! I'm so glad you picked it up-it looks beautiful right there! Isn't it so much fun to see our inspirations come to life in our own homes!
    :) Sarah

  3. You know, I have to say...I never dreamed I would love ruffles so much. But now that I see them in all white, on pillows and shower curtains I LOVE THEM! That is so cute, and you are right...looks great with the other pillow. They are a good balance for each other! I just may have to get one of those for myself! ~mary~

  4. Wow....lucky you.. Great find and I love it with the mod pillow. HWW

  5. Ikea has a blanket that matches this pillow that it's just 2DIE4!!! Just sharing....

  6. Great ruffles ~ they are everywhere this Spring. And I am glad to have them. I would kill for the perfect ruffle tablecloth in time for Easter...anyone....anyone????

  7. Hi Chania, what a lovely ruffled pillow. So delicate... You sure were lucky to find something like that!
    One day I'll try to sew one similar...Looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
    WE are having a huge snow fall here...
    Take care, love, Li:-)

  8. Chania your pillow looks gorgeous. I would've probably walked right by it before but now after seeing yours and your post yesterday I want one too! xx

  9. Love it!!!!!!!!!!! It is so gorgeous and came up so well in the wash! ENJOY:) ~ Tina xx

  10. Lucky lucky find! Love it!!!


  11. Hello Miss Raz, I love your pillow you lucky shopper. Your bio says you are from Kenya. I am working on a humanitarian project right now for a kenya hospital that is in Ethiopia. It's a small world.

    come visit


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