Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rhubarb- It's a color

Today I was fabric shopping in a showroom and a color kept popping out at me.  Rhubarb.  Not pink, not red.  Somewhere in between.  Perfectly in between.
Robert Allen has a whole colorway called Rhubarb.  See how pretty it is with cream.
Rosie Daykin used it here in her daughter India's bedroom in a leopard print.
I reupholstered this old chair in Robert Allen Rhubarb Paisley from Italy for my son's girlfriend.
Being a neutral girl around my house, I suddenly wanted a bit of this Spring like color in my home.  I found this big down filled pillow with a rhubarb colored floral print.
And then I found this milky glass lamp with a rhubarb damask shade...
...and I thought it would work well on my scrubby old table in my living room.
I noticed the color elsewhere in my house.....
.......and had my coffee in a vintage rhubarb and white cup....

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  1. Oh I love that colour Chania, actually the top I am wearing today is Rhubarb:) Gorgeous pics as always and so much inspiration in there too:) Thanks for sharing! Wishing you the loveliest weekend my dear friend ~ Tina xx

  2. Oh, I just found you via Rubie's Place and had to make my way over because of the lovely color in your top photo. I adore pink and red and all variations of these colors. I had never heard of rhubarb and am thrilled to have a new name for such a great color. I can't wait to read some more of your posts and see more of your home, which looks so beautiful.

  3. I love the pop of color! Your home and vignettes are beautiful! Thanks for commenting on my blog so that I could find you and become a follower! ~lulu

  4. In all my years painting, I have never heard a color called "Rhubarb".... and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop by my painting blog and say hello sometime!

  5. What a superb name for a great colour - neither pink nor red, but in between, it describes this shade perfectly. Nice to find you via Tina's blog Chania. Amanda

  6. Hello. I am also a big fan of adding colour as I always choose the most neutral colour-scheme for walls and windows. I clearly need some rhubarb in my life!

  7. Hello Chania....!

    I hope you've had a GREAT week....! I'm LOVING the 'Rhubarb' with the first & second pics being my faves...!!

    My colours are 1950's reds & greens with white as the base & darker woods & accessories so I can really appreciate the OOMPH this colour lends to a space...!!

    Hey the funniest thing happened on the 16th March....Not funny haha just funny 'odd'....I thought I left a comment about the YUMMY funiture in that days post & how appropriate I thought your 'scrubby wood' description was but it's not there....? I just wanted to let you know in any case that was one of my FAVE posts & the furniture is TO DIE FOR....
    ** sigh **

    Well my Friend, it's late Friday arvo here & my weekend has just begun....I have glass of wine in hand anticipating the weekend of Treasures before me....Life IS good....!

    Take care & have a SAFE & relaxing weekend,
    Tamarah :o)

  8. I think I have spring in my mind, too, and this color to me says spring like no other. I think it's so fun to have it as an accent color. Love all the photos your posted, dear!


  9. What a fabulous color and so beautifully tied in, too. It's a very up color, which I love. Do stop by for our home show tour! -- Jane F.

  10. Not only do I love the fabric you used on that chair, I love the chair! The shape is great!

  11. Mmm-I love all the touches of beautiful color you added!

  12. looks like I'll be going on a rhubarb hunt

  13. What a gorgeous color. That lamp is amazing and great job on the chair.

  14. Lovely post, especially the chair you did!

  15. I just love the names designers come up with for colors! I used to have a small shop selling ladies casual clothing and when I went to market, I was always entertained hearing all the different names for blue or red.....

    Your rhubarb and white cups and saucers are awesome!

  16. I love that color as well and how it works with red AND pink. That chair is wonderful! You took a heavy, victorian chair and made it young and fun. The fabric was a great choice for it.

  17. I love this color, Maine Cottage has a whole line of fabrics and paints with this color. Check them out.


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