Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Handmade Soaps have arrived

Sampling our Soaps

Two of our gorgeous handmade soaps have arrived, all the way from Canada's East Coast, and they are beautiful.  They are olive oil based and contain only essential oils,-absolutley nothing artificial and are an absolute dream.  They are so delicate on your skin and the fragance is light and natural. We really researched our soap makers.  We wanted someone committed to using natural, environmentally sound practices and ingredients, and when we found Sherrie, we were delighted.  Her products fitt the bill exactly for what we wanted to stock in our shop.

We have  narrowed it down to 4 fragrances, each with their own unique packaging:

Our Classic man soap contains natural willow and cedar and has a warm, outdoory scent with a hint of a fresh cut cedar log.  Although manly, I have been using it and love the smell so much......

Simple Life

A fresh everyday soap with a gentle squeeze of lemon-suitable for the entire family.

Fresh Love

This soap reminds me of Paris in the  Spring, a fresh mix of fresh orange and hint of vanilla, it is defintely a sensual, yummy fragrance

Pure Baby

A fragrance free pure soap perfect for babies an sensitive skin.  We think this would make a lovely gift for a new mum.

Packaging was a real concern for us.  Our shop focuses on good quaity products and reused and recycled vintage treasures, and we really wanted a package that didn't need any further wrapping that would be a bother for our customers and also end up in a landfill.  We came up with a environmentally friendly 100% American grown cotton bag, free from chemicals, bleach and sprays.  We handstamped each bag, then added a vintage button to each one .

Tied up with a vintage button

Our Pure Baby and Fresh Love soaps will arrive in 2 weeks, and will all be featured on our website April 1st.  In the meantime of you would like to order either Classic Man or Simple Life, please email me and I can invoice you through paypal.  Each wrapped soap is $10.00 cdn. plus shipping.


  1. Chania, these are just too gorgeous!! The soaps look divine and I swear I can smell them through the computer screen:) Your packaging is just so beautiful and altogether the product is amazing and so well thought out! I love that you have put so much time and effort into searching for such high quality and responsible ingredients and suppliers! these are going to be a huge seller I just know it. Fantastic job, they look so gorgeous!! ~ Tina xx

  2. Chania, these are almost too beautiful to use! I love all of the scents you selected and the packaging is gorgeous!

    Kat :)

  3. The soaps are beautiful, I love the packaging it gives it that extra special touch. I am not sure that I could use them I think I would be happy to just look at them. xx


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