Saturday, March 13, 2010

A day in the Country

Abandoned I would love to get inside...there are curtains on the windows, and I wonder what was left behind..

My first trip north after Winter is always exciting.  The landscape is still barren, and a little snow about, but I always get really geared up to see what's been going on in Small town Ontario since I was last here. I thought readers from afar may enjoy seeing a glimse of the rural Canadian countryside.

We stopped at the Pie Company.  I like to buy their cherry pies and make cherry pie ice cream.

There is a large Mennonite population, so the local establishments still provide hitching posts.
Where else but the country can you see shelves stacked with homemade preserves?
The Spring runoff is crazy this year, many fields are flooded.
But the skies were blue and the livestock are feeling the Spring.
The bookstore is not yet open for the season.  Reminds me of the wild wild West.
We saw some interesting characters...and I think we were supposed to go that way...
We got an invite to look around a farm..
And saw some cute boys.....
....and these boys are useful.  The farmer puts "goat packs" on their backs and takes them into the bushes raspberry picking.  The goats carry the raspberries and also the picnic lunch. Really.!!! Aparently, goats don't run off like a dog could as they like to stay within site of the pack...
And found some new places to eat.

  Best of all, we found some wonderful treasures.  Ironstone plates, vintage linens, milk bottles, tons of McCoy Pottery and a heap of Grindley Peach Petal dishware, brown and white transferware, egg baskets, baby scales, gorgeous green glass medicine bottles.....
tomorrow I will wash it all and photograph it so I can show you all on Monday.

Have a great Sunday.



  1. Oh Chania - this post is WONDERFUL!! I loved all the pics, that is the stuff my dreams are made of - I will have to put it on my destination wishlist. How gorgeous is that abandoned farmhouse, you would never find anything like that here in Australia! I can't wait to hear more and see your wonderful treasures. So glad you had such a fun weekend:) ~ Tina xx

  2. Hi Chania... :o) !

    I just can't imagine what it must be like to pine for the Spring as I'm sure you must after your cold snow filled winters....!!! Must have been lovely to be out & about with clear blue skies above you....!

    The pic of the tall arched shaped barn & curious clydesdale is my favourite.... :o) !

    I have my fingers crossed we see some of your ironstone in your Etsy shop....!!!

    Cheers from 'Down Under',
    Tamarah :o)

  3. Wow these pictures are beautiful! Can't wait to see the treasures you found. We are very close to you so I must find out all your treasure hunting places!

  4. I recognized one of those places! We've been to the Williamsford Pie Company before. Peter was working on a friend's cottage up there and I went up to help him paint. We bought pie for dessert one night.
    Small world. It's really lovely up there. Is that where your cottage is?

  5. What a great story about the goats. I had no idea they did that. Anxious to see your treasures.

  6. I loved this tour of rural Ontario! We have a large Mennonite community by us as well so many of the pictures reminded me of home. And maybe I need to look into getting some goats for blueberry season this year! Glad you had a nice trip!

    Kat :)


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