Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A few weeks ago I came across the blog A Creamy White owned by the sweet and creative Li.  I was first captivated by this woman as she sews ruffles.  Ruffled pillows, ruffles on her shower curtain.  I poured over the pictures and was so envious of someone who could sew so patiently and beautifully.
This is her shower curtain.  See how many ruffles!  That yards and yards of fabric.
All images with permission from Li at A Creamy White
Look how lovely they are on her bed.  She even posted a how-to, but, for me it was more of a "oh, how I really can't do that".  Then out of the blue mixed in with a random bunch of old vintage bits, I found a gorgeous ruffled pillow slip on the weekend.  I will post a picture tomorrow as I am washing it and I wanted you to have a look at the real handmade thing (mine is mass produced I think) and take a look t Li's other gorgeous things she makes and her blog.  You can go here to meet Li if you haven't done so yet. 


  1. I love Li and her blog too Chania. Li is so talented and such a gorgeous lady. Aren't her cushions just beautiful!! And I love, love, love Li's shower curtain!! What a fabulous post on a gorgeous blogger:) I can't wait to see your vintage ruffled pillow slip! ~ Tina xx

  2. Those ruffles are just gorgeous! I love Li's bed, just the right balance of ruffles. I am going to go and visit her right now. Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to seeing your ruffles! xx

  3. Mass produced will still look pretty if ruffles are involved.

  4. Dear Chania, Thank you so much for posting about me and my blog. It's such an honor to receive something like that! I love sharing what I know, specially if we can do things ourselves. I really appreciate what you did and as a Fellow Canadian, I would love to give you a ruffle pillow!!! I know you got one at a Antique store, but wouldn;t be nice to have one new too?
    Well, I'll write you an email and you can pass me your address, ok?
    Love, Li

  5. Off to visit! Great Idea! ~lulu

  6. Ruffles on a shower curtain - how cute!


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