Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inspirational Shop Atelier September

I came across this gorgeous website yesterday for a Danish Shop called Atelier September.  This cabinet reminded me of the cabinet that Mary from the blog Vintage home and Garden.  You can see her cabinet  here . I found this great shop on another blog which I have promptly added to my blog list.  It is called Carte Blanc and you can visit it here .

Scrubby wood.....my favourite

Modern vintage...
Symmetry and balance....

table for 12..........
The photography is wonderful.  Look at the seemingly casual arrangement of these chairs.


  1. Wow! Any of those pieces can find themselves a place in my home anyday!
    I'm waiting too to see what Mary does with hers.

  2. Dear Chania,
    yes, you´re right: these pictures are just gorgeous and I like this furniture, the settings and the colours a lot!
    Thank you for joining the follower-list, always be welcome! :)
    Best regards from Belgium,

  3. Love this - like many Danish things its simple and pared back but in a comfortable way.

  4. These pics are just divine Chania!! Loving the greys and the scrubby woods and muted tones. Thank you for sharing, they have made my day:) Hope you are having a lovely week ~ Tina xx


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