Monday, March 22, 2010

Make no mistake.......I would have fought you for this!

I was out Saturday with my business partner Lorraine to a warehouse full of old toilets, discarded kitchens and smelly old sofa's. Not really my thing, but Lorraine loves salvage, so off we went. Part way through the warehouse while I was feigning interest, Lorraine gets that look...the one she gets when she finds something exciting...wide eyes, mad grin...non verbal gestures so no-one else will catch on that we found a treasure. And treasure it was.

 Not one, but 2, massive 10 foot long work tables. They have the metal fold down legs, but the juxtaposition with those steel legs and scrubbly tops makes them very Modern Vintage.
How fabulous is that worn peely paint and exposed wood

Anyway, we immediately summoned a sales person and staked our claim. But we made a big mistake.  We took our eyes off the tables and continued shopping. 
 When we finally made it to the cash, we were just in the nick of time.  A gentleman (hmnn, maybe not) who was right by us (and listening to us when we were telling the sales lady to hold them for us), was at the cash desk trying to buy them.  We had the tags in our hands, and it was only because the cashier was calling overhead for a price check that we realised what he was trying to buy!
The other one is red and scrubby and equally lovable.

Well, as proper scrappy table lovers will do, we rushed right to the front of the lineup and loudly( and a little forcefully) pronounced ourselves as the rightful owners and called upon the original sales clerk for backup.
It ended well. He made a quiet and rapid retreat.
But...just in case you, that gentleman, are reading this....make no mistake....
.........I would have fought you for these ....


  1. Hi Chania, Thanks for the comment! I'll be honnored if you do a post about the ruffle pillow!!!! You definatly can use my pictures and also I'm about to post a new one with one more pillow I did last weekend. Wow...I'm thrilled!!!! Thank you so much! I love your blog too and I would love to visit your store one day. Next time I come down Ontario I'll make sure I have extra time do do things like that!
    Well, I sure work on the post now!!!! have a awesome day!
    Talk to you soon, Li :-)

  2. Love the table. I would have fought for it too. Would LOVE to see the whole thing, legs and all.

  3. Oh I would have taken the gloves off for those beauties too!

    Kat :)

  4. What a great table, definately worth fighting for! Chania I have an award for you over on my blog. Stop by to pick it up! Love your Blog. xx

  5. Oh you go girl.....good for you..bugger eh?!?! They were worth the fight and I am glad you two won! All the best,Chrissy

  6. thanks for your comment today! i'm glad it landed me here. sooo much eye candy you have! love your blog.

  7. Oh my god, I would have fought too. These are amazing tables.

  8. I would have also fought for those tables! The white one is stunning - I love the mixture of industrial and vintage. You have such a good eye for great things!
    :) Sarah

  9. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE them Chania! Great eye on Lorraine's part:) Enjoy them you lucky lady!! Wishing you a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  10. oooh, I love it too! It might change your mind on salvage, huh? My son make old tables from discarded wood.


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