Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pretty bits

Thought you may like some more pictures of "the shop".  April 1st is our official day to have everything ready.  We have been polishing, photographing and madly entering things into the computer and most of all having fun.

 April 1st will also be the start of our "Sparkle and Pink" Giveaway, and we have been trying to decide on our lovely gift. (we like to add some little extras).  So please check back on Thursday April 1st, and we should have things sorted.


  1. the silverware in the milk glass is too wonderful...

  2. Hi Chania, what a beautiful store...I love milky glasses and all you have. Are you in Alberta? I'm guessing not...i wish we were closer. But when I go back home to visit my family, we always stop by in Toronto.
    Lovely day for you,

  3. Oh WOW! These pics are so gorgeous as usual Chania!! I am so excited for you and Lorraine, not long to go now!!! I love those old wooden pegs in the basket next to your gorgeous pink china!! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday ~ Tina x

  4. Your pictures of the store are absolutely gorgeous. I am looking forward to your giveaway! It sounds lovely! xx

  5. OH! I so wish I lived near you! I love everything you have in your shop...it would be dangerous for me! :) I adore how you put silverware in the milkglass vases and I would take the whole collection of bottles.
    I have no doubt everything will be a big hit and all will love your store ~
    Sarah xo

  6. Chania - I have read through the last week of your posts (will read more on another night) and am now a follower. I love interior design and all your lovely photos. Congrats on the store opening!

  7. And I forgot to say that I LOVE the pink dishes in your photo. I love pink/purple/lavender. I am seriously drooling over these!

  8. Chania I HEART BIG TIME milk & cream bottles....The little greeny coloured bottles are sweet too....!

    Cheers from here,
    Tamarah :o)

  9. everything looks devine....and i finally got you added to my blog roll. good luck on your store....i will have my mastercard in hand.

  10. It all looks beautiful. I'd have a field day among all that lovely stuff.

  11. Only one more day and you all will be up and running! Best wishes for a very successful first day with many more to follow!

    Kat :)

  12. My beating hreat!!
    I had all those milk glass vases at one time and sold them as a group to Canada on ebay! :) I have to smile...you did not buy them from me did you? (Smile)...everyone has had them I am pretty sure of that!

    lovely blog, we have the same pulse, and passion for aged things of history.

    I am going to add you to my blog roll
    see you soon.

    You have a beautiful artsey look!!
    Stay passionate and keep inspiring.
    Dore L. Callaway
    Interior Design
    Estate Model Homes & retail designs

  13. It's all so gorgeous. Good luck with your store.

  14. Hello Chania,
    Thank you soooo! very much for stopping by my blog.
    The paper hands are done with vintage cast off book pages, from books that know one wanted, so I recycled and reused in art that my daughter could have something to talk about years from now!!

    the back ground is paper gift wrap, paper bags, and tags anything of natural tone, this color works for me.

    I will be keeping my eye's on your site and come by to say hi now and then :)


  15. Everything is looking soooo good!!!

    Can't wait to see the shop!

    I am so excited for you and living vicariously through you for the moment.........

    Maybe some day.........


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