Tuesday, April 26, 2011

By Your Request - The White/Blue Version of the Inexpensive Faux Grain Sack Table Runner.

I am crazy about White.  But once in a while White needs a companion.  And there is nothing more classic and fresh than Blue and White together.

After my previous post on my Faux Grain Sack Table Runner, I had a number of people ask me where I bought it and what the other colours looked like.  So....I bought it at Fabric Land, a large fabric/sewing chain here in Canada.  It is actually Tea Towelling.  They hide it under the big cutting table/bench along with the fabric linings etc.  It comes in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.  I paid $9.00 meter for this blue one, but the red one I purchased I got 40% off.  They had 2 types.  One was thick and rough and was more like a needle pointing stiff gauze fabric.  This one is thinner and soft and 45% cotton, 55% linen.  It washed beautifully.  A little bit of shrinkage....nothing to fret about.  It comes hemmed on the two sides, making it a ready made runner.  You can stitch the other 2 shorter ends, but I frayed it and liked the laziness casual look of this method.

Before I go any further, I Will come clean and tell you that I completely staged this little grouping.  There is nothing that bugs me more than a photo is so staged that it is obvious that this is not the way the homeowner lives.  99% of the time on my blog, IT IS HOW IT IS.  But today I wanted to show you the lovely blue linen and so I pulled out the 2 pieces of china I own in blue.   Plus a few white plates that were left on the table after Easter to be put away.

You get the look of vintage grain sack linen without the cost or the worrying about ruining it.

These numbered bowls are by Burleigh and come from the UK.  I bought them new, not vintage.  Burleigh makes it easy to know what size pudding bowl you want to order by numbering them.  I have 1 -4 which gives me a good range.  I use them as serving bowls on the dining table.  Because I am so not FANCY. 

I was thinking (while I should have been working) that this (already hemmed) tea towelling would be marvellous for making Pillows for the Hammock, and would look great outside to dress up a simple picnic table.........

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  1. I went to Fabricland over the weekend and bought this fabric. The frayed edge on the runner is a great idea as I like the look but also the ease. I also bought some extra to make tea towels because several of mine have burn holes from that darn gas stove! Thank you so much for the ideas. J

  2. So adorable and has
    me wondering if I can
    find this in the States.
    I know what you mean
    about the staging; you
    see it all the time in
    magazines and books, too!
    But you are right, your
    blue and white pieces were
    crying out for some love
    from that runner!!!
    xx Suzanne

  3. My blue striped runner on my dining room table is the same thing. It looks exactly like grain sack fabric but so soft because it's linen. I even frayed the two smaller edges too! I wanted a real one but couldn't justify the prices I've seen...I got mine at Country Cottage, a quilting store here in Nebraska.
    Your styling is perfect!

  4. My Dad loved to buy yards of this and have me sew it into a long circle that he hung from a bar near his work shop tubs. He used it to dry his hands, moving on a little each time to a clean "Spot" and then popped into the washer when the entire length was dirty. He was a conservationist far ahead of his time ..
    It was nice to think of that this morning :D
    thanks sweetie

  5. I love this fabric. And it reminds me of the handtowels that my Mother In Law just brought to us from France.

  6. That's the colour I want!!! I'll have to get over to Fabricland.

  7. I really hope I can find this here in the US, I LOVE it! Thanks for telling us about it!

    Kat :)

  8. I love your runner but I ADORE your dishes!

  9. I need to make a trip to Fabricland before I go - love your staging!! :)

  10. I just love it! I wonder if anything like that is available in Aus?

  11. Gosh! I hope I can find this fabric here in the U.S., too! I gotta have some in red!!!! Great idea and thanks for sharing it with us! :)

    xoxo laurie

  12. LOVE!

    That is such a warm and welcoming feel to it. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Love the whole thing! and in Blogland, staging means never having to say you're sorry...

  14. White and blue make perfect mates! And I generarlly like the frayed look too :)

  15. That blue version is lovely. I'm usually more into red but I think I could be persuaded to use the blue. And yes, I agree, the numbered bowls are so adorable! I know the guys don't usually care what their grub comes in, but I think even my hubby would come to love these bowls too if I gave him the largest number. :-) Glad you staged slightly for this photo!

  16. I went to boarding school in Canada. My mother was Canadian.

    Do you think with these credentials Fabricland will send me some?

    Because I'm loving it.

    xo Jane

  17. I am still making rounds for W.W.Thank you for sharing,beautiful blog and post.

  18. what a great idea darl - you're a clever thing!

  19. Oh Chania this is YUMMY....I would like some in the red & the green....hmmmmmm....I WONDER if it's available here.... :o) !!!

    It's funny you should mention the whole 'staging' thing Lovey....I can honestly say I've NEVER felt that any of your pics look ANYTHING OTHER than 'au naturel' which is one of the reasons why I feel so COMFORTABLE when I visit with you.... :o) !!

    Speaking of which....I'm going to apologise in advance 'cause I'm about to be an 'absent Friend' over the next 4 weeks....I'll be posting like mad on the lead up to the Show but I won't be able to visit as much....No doubt you'll provide me with a BUNCH of DELICIOUS posts to catch up on on my return....!!!

    I hope you're having an AWESOME week....!

    Cheers for a bit from oz,
    Tamarah xxx

  20. I have a table runner similiar to that trimmed in red , now where is it?

    Love the Burleigh pitcher and bowls I have an entire cabinet full of the new Burleigh and the old Staffordshire Calico dishes

    I really like your numbered bowls where did your get them from?



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