Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Photo Challenge - Dresser

Thanks to everyone who has been joining in the photo challenge on Friday's.  As previously mentioned, some weeks will focus on technique and others just on fun stuff. 

This week's challenge was to photograph the top of your dresser.  I wanted everyone to get a peek at the Real Stuff.  How we really live.  And for most of us that isn't magazine worthy dressers with lovely trays of perfumes and a pretty lamp.  I think the top of a dresser can tell a bit about it's owner.  Does it hold books and reading glasses, coins scattered, perfumes and potions......exactly what do you keep on it?

The problem I had with my own challenge was that I don't even have a dresser in my bedroom.  Although newly renovated, I have still to find the right furniture pieces, and so I have a crappy old bedside table with painted plywood top, and a long table where ideally I need a double dresser.  An old pine one would be great, but I am holding out for the right one.  So I keep my bits in the spare room/office on the dresser in there.

Too shy to show you the real mess, I staged it with flowers from the dining room and actually ran a duster over it.   But.............
But before I "staged" it, I actually took a couple of pictures to show you it in it's natural state. So here is the un-retouched photo of my dumping ground complete with a bra hanging on the hook beside (which I just noticed was in the photo).  I am a scatterer People, I let my petals fall where they may.. A pile of books and magazines to be read, a trinket from Mexico waiting to be hung, a book on knitting hats, the hand print in plaster (sons kindergarten gift to me on Mother's Day) that holds coins, earrings and general BITS.  My bunny planted filled with things to put away such as recycled ribbons, and a piece of Bark Cloth waiting to be made into pillows.

So that's my dresser.....what's on yours?????  Click on the Linky Tool Below to join us.

Next week...A photograph related to Easter....lets make this an artisitc shot.


  1. Bravo girl, I don't have a dresser, I do have a desk that I can photograph!


    Art by Karena

  2. a few books..a tv, and jewelry..not to much. hubby hates dresser clutter.

  3. I'm so anti clutter it's almost OCD!
    Your dresser looks loved and I'm sure each time you pass the dresser you see and connect to something different on top of it.

  4. It would never occur to me to use a hook for things like thAt.
    The best is you have what you want to use close at hand.

  5. What is next week's challenge?

  6. Oh Lord, I think right now I would die if anyone were to see my dresser. You have the most amazing furniture. And the flowers look beautiful too.

  7. LOL!! I love your honesty. And your dresser. I am so anal, that everything has it's place and it has to be in it! Loved this challenge. Kit

  8. Chania - I love 'the real stuff' as you put it. your dresser looks nice!

  9. That bra is the cat's meow! Cluttered or uncluttered, your dresser is a lovely wood. Ann

  10. I love your tilting mirror - and I wish my bras were half as glamorous!


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