Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo Challenge - Easter

This Friday's Photo Challenge was to photograph anything related to Easter.  Easter is my favourite of the Festive Celebrations, and although Good Friday can be sombre, Easter Sunday is always special to me.  My family are having dinner here.  I was going to shock them and do a ham, but I think they may be outraged if the tradition of the turkey was turkey it is. 

I chose to photograph this little bunny because he was made from paper mache in an old chocolate mold.  He was also bought for me by my mum many years ago.  My mum can't choose gifts for me herself anymore, so the ones she bought in the past have special meaning to me.

He never gets put away.  He's in my office during the year and make an appearance at Easter on the living room mantle. 

Easter always makes me pause and think of my loved ones.....grateful for their health and happiness, wishing them in courage their struggles and hoping they can feel the love we send their way.

Next week the challenge is to photograph a bird............add your photo to the linky below....


  1. What a sweet bunny! A true treasure.

  2. Chania, this is the first time I've joined you for this linky thing. My last post seemed to fit perfectly. xx

  3. Oh Chania, I stuffed up. That first entry is a dud. Sorry! xx

  4. Beautiful Photo.
    Enjoy your Holiday.
    Your Friend, m.

  5. He is very pretty and special Chania. Happy Easter.

  6. Chania I love your bunny and those gifts from our mother's are so very special. I treasure the things my mother gave me!

    I hope you have a very Happy Easter!

    Kat :)

  7. He is so cute and too special to hide away. I have your little bunny tags hanging from my chandelier. Have a wonderful Easter xo

  8. I think that little bunny is lovely and more so because it was something given to you by one of the people most precious to you. Have a wonderful Easter with your family, Chania.

  9. Chania, Have a wonderful Easter full of meaning and family togetherness. I love the way the bunny stands by, as a gentle reminder of your mother. I hope she too has a good Easter with you all.

  10. Hi there! I just linked up for your photo party, love your bunny, have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  11. LOVE the bunny!
    Have a blessed Easter!

    happy day!

  12. GREAT picture and
    I love the sentiment
    behind this wee hare.
    I hope to join you in
    your photo challenge,
    one of these days.
    Happy, happy Easter!
    xx Suzanne

  13. Chania, I love your bunny and even more I love the sentiment about your mum behind it. My mother loved springtime and Easter and I miss her every year, so I understand your yearlong attachment to the sweet bunny. I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday with your family - turkey and all! Ann Sorry I didn't participate, but I hope to be here next week. I so appreciate you hosting this.

  14. Oh wow, Easter adorable. Love Posie


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