Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shabby Chic Slip Covers

I recently changed my dining room table from a very dark espresso coloured table that looked pretty good with my dark velvet chairs.  When I lightened up the table, I found that the chairs didn't fit so well. 

To tall, too dark, too skinny.  Not the country cottage look I was going for with my new white walls and pine table.

So I fattened them up a bit with a slipcover, made for me by my wonderful slipcover fellow who sews the best slips ever for really good prices. (my business Razmataz desgins and sells these wonderful slips, plus upholstery).  I used a medium weight white denim to add bulk to the chairs.  I also added piping all around the back and skirt to add further heft to the chair.

These will actually look better after washing as the denim will soften and hang a little looser.  We washed the piping before the slips were sewn though, to prevent those awful shrunken, twisted piping problems you can get with slips.

I was actually inspired by the ruffled skirts that Rachel Ashwell put on the chairs in Jennifer Lopez's restaurant. See below.

So you're still invited for dinner but please, don't wear those new dark jeans, bring red wine or wipe your fingers on the skirts........Thank You.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! In fact, I want them for my own chairs. :) Perhaps your sewing fella hires out to your loyal readers?
    Really, they look so pretty in your room and you definately have the lighter cottage look now. What I like is that the skirts are short and flirty ~
    Have a great day!
    sarah xo

  2. These made my heart go pitter-patter! In a good way!

  3. These are beautiful Chania! I so want to change out my dining room table and other pieces for lighter wood! You've pushed me that much closer to making that decision because of how beautiful your room looks!

    Kat :)

  4. These look beautiful Chania! Love the whole room and how you've lightend everything up. Really pretty little slips.

  5. The chairs turned out beautifully. They look perfect in the room. The shorter skirt is fun and playful. Love them. You might try Scotchgarding them. Keeps the stains away.

  6. my dear girl, are you coming completely over to the "light" side now?
    you know this suits me to a T : D
    looking so fab!


  7. your new chairs look the white and ruffles...i need to do something like that for my chairs...thanks for sharing!

    stuff and nonsense

  8. What a great transformation! I love the new look.

  9. So simple, and so brilliant Chania. They look great with your (lovely) new table. I promise I'll be a model guest when I come for dinner!
    Amanda xx

  10. I think you should call them "the girls", just so pretty and adorable. Ann

  11. Very charming - I always have a soft spot for a minor touch of shabby chic and this is the perfect amount of frill.

  12. They are lovely! It's amazing how the white chairs brighten up the room so much. You have a talented sewing guy.

  13. They are so pretty and do look good with the new PB table.

  14. They look fantastic Chania! I love the sounds of white denim and I agree, they'll get better with age :)

  15. Looks fantastic. I'm very jealous of your new table.

  16. I'm stunned...they look absolutely amazing, and what a difference!!

  17. The slips are gorgeous!!I love them and want them.

  18. Chania these are GORGEOUS....I LOVE the combination of pale wood & ruffles....! I'd LOVE to find a slip cover guy....Ask him if he has any rellies 'down here' will you Love.... :o) !!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  19. I have been looking for someone in GTA who could make those chair covers for a long long time... care to share the "fella's" name?

    thanks so much

  20. Oh those are great...add me to the list of those who could use a good "slipcover fellow"!


  21. Love them! I too am making the transition to lighter and whiter, finished painting my chairs, upholstering in burlap and now....chair covers! I think I'm going with a tie-on with ruffle, I'll post about it soon as they're done!!

  22. Gorgeous slips! I love the new lightened up look to the room. Beautiful blog.

  23. Just gorgeous! I love them- I am planning on making some lovely little ruffled slips for my frenchy chairs soon too- thanks for the wonderful inspiration!! Would love for you to share this at Feathered Nest Friday sometime too! :)

  24. Hi there~ Just stopping back to say thanks for sharing this gorgeousness at FNF! :)


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