Monday, April 18, 2011

The Wedding Planner

Thank you all for your input on being a good Mother of the Groom (MOG) and for all the advice on helping my future daughter in law with her wedding plans today.  Trying my best to behave and not quickly become the Outlaw, I enjoyed a day checking out venues and pouring over the Internet looking for dresses that will fit a 4'11" bridesmaid as well as tall girls and a variety of body types. 

At one Hotel venue, I was told that I shouldn't take photos because they hosted a lot of celebrities and politicians.  So I can't show you those photos as I sold them to The Enquirer.

This is my favourite venue...Hotel St. James in the Old Port.  Old and quaint but with a modern refurbish.

So, I was asked what colour I planned to wear and I said Black.  I always wear black dresses.  No one told me that black worn by the MOG could signify a state of mourning over your son's choice of bride!!! We checked with the hip/cool Grandmother who has approved me wearing a black dress.  A few things slipped out of my mouth today............I may have said the following....

  • It reminds me of a funeral home...
  • It reminds me of an Old Folks Home
  • Blah...
  • Yuck
  • It looks like -----
And you guys told me to wear beige and keep my mouth shut................................

I have so enjoyed looking at dresses at BLHDN, the new Cousin to Anthropologie........Love this dress! And also this simple brides dress.................


  1. Even though I've never met you Chania, I can't imagine you wearing beige and keeping your mouth shut!! Too funny. Enjoy the fun parts of helping plan the wedding. xx

    P.s Black is always eleagant.

  2. MOG this June. Trying to lose 5 lbs before dress shopping but at a pound a month I won't make it. Heading out this weekend. Have fun and take it all in stride. I will!

  3. i would never suggest you stop talking. i advised you to drink lol


  4. This was a very funny post.

    you cannot be serious about the black, really?

  5. My neice's bridesmaids wore black - each one chose their own style of dress and they were all beautiful. I am sure you will look elegant in black. I think the only MOG rule is that you can't wear a mini dress - or maybe its show too much cleavage. I'm sure its one of those and I'm sure its not keep your mouth shut. Let us know how it goes so we can be prepared for our turn as MOGs.

  6. It sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy it all!

  7. I recommend taking a quick photo of whatever you try's all about the wedding pictures years from now!

  8. I wasn't allowed to wear black at my daughter's wedding (so annoyed) so I wore red and thought - That'll fix 'em!

  9. I'm buying that last dress for myself. It's that gorgeous! m.

  10. Chania, sounds like you had fun and that you are the perfect MOG. I had not heard that about wearing black - why shouldn't you? Ah, the drama, the fun - and it should be fun, so make sure you have some! Ann

  11. Oooohhhh boy. My mom can commiserate on being a MOG, I hope that your experience is much more fun. (She needed some retail therapy and spent LOTS on a dress and shoes for the wedding, but it was beaaautiful and she's worn it again and again. And it made her feel better, hahaha)

    That is a beautiful venue. Lots of character.

    I'm sure your daughter-in-law to be appreciates your input because you have such great style and design sense!

    (Thanks again for your help with the closet contest. Sadly, we got bumped out of the top ten on the weekend and couldn't recover before it closed. Hopefully some of our voters will win a few of the ten $100 gift cards they are giving out).

  12. That second to last dress is the exact look I was going for on my wedding day, I only wish it would have been warm enough for me to go bare legged

  13. If you love black wear it. You need to be yourself on the big day. Enjoy it. Amber

  14. i am totally sincere when i say that your blog is one of the most interesting and prettiest ones i have seen in a really long time! so happy that i found you! i'm your newest follower :o)

  15. Because black is the colour of mourning in our culture, it either means bad luck (like green does) or that you are unhappy about the wedding. But if the bride and groom don't mind, nobody else should. I bet half the bride's friends will be in black cocktail dresses anyway.


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