Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I celebrated a milestone birthday yesterday and actually most of the weekend.  The Raz Man was going to throw me a bash, but I do so much with friends, what I really, really wanted was to have a weekend with my kids.  All of us are together only a few times a year, so it was really special to have them all in one boat for the weekend.  B & T arrived Friday from Montreal and we all spent Saturday morning moving Ky into her new apartment in Toronto.  She's got such a cute little place that I will post about once the rest of her furniture gets in.  Because of school, she's splitting her move, the rest to be done at the month end.  Miss her living closer already :(((

After the hauling was done we headed to our hotel, met with my brother and GF for dinner, then went to see Billy Elliot.  Drinks back at hotel, then breakfast on Bloor Street, drop Ky off home to do homework in move day chaos, then up the CN tower to show T a birds eye of the City.

Yesterday I was treated to lunch at a cafe run by 2 Aussie snowboarders, then home where 3 bouquets of flowers arrived, followed by gifts and dinner with my sister.  I feel very spoiled and grateful to my family and friends.

OK, so now you know I am 50.  A big milestone that is supposed to scare women to death, but I actually like it.  My 40's weren't my favourite years, so I am going to make the most of this decade.  I like that I don't have a boss, I never set my alarm and set my own hours. I like that my hairs gone curly, my confidence is boosted and Raz Man and I have loads of plans for the next while. Plus we have a wedding to plan and a new daughter to welcome into the family who I love and adore and I know that BABIES will come in this decade...............................

We almost broke out the champagne yesterday as we thought the cottage was sold.  I had already mentally moved into 3 houses in Florida and was mentally listing all the Bits I needed to take with me.  The buyer though needs heart surgery and decided to wait until after May 9 to see if he lives through it (his words).  He still wants it, so maybe it will still be a go...........

Made my girl a little bouquet for her room as she just popped by.......leaving a little laundry I may add.

Tonight I having peanut butter toast for dinner because I am worn out from dining out and all the goings on...


  1. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you enjoy the fifties more than I am. ;-)

  2. Happy, happy birthday Chania! I loved turning 50 and so far they've been fabulous years :) you sound like you've got it all together and many more happy years to you.

  3. Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you....
    it sounds like such a lovely weekend filled with so many lovely goodies. I'm sure this decade will bring you much joy and fulfill all those wishes for you. Fingers crossed your cottage sells! xo

  4. Happy Birthday Chania!!! It sounds like you had a great birthday. Many happy returns :)

  5. Happy birthday. Sound like you've really been celebrating and enjoying yourself. Gorgeous flowers. I'm very partial to toast for dinner if I'm tired or overindulged (or both).

  6. happy birthday!

    i totally prefer my 50's over my 40's and i don't know why. i just feel good about it. i know i'm supposed to dread getting older but i just am not. the kids are gone and we feel like teenagers again. it's nice.

    sounds like you have a really great birthday too.


  7. Happy Birthday Chania!
    The 50's really are a great decade - so much more freedom to be all that you are.
    I'm half way through them in September and I'm really loving them a lot!

  8. I loved this post. I loved that it was about you Chania. Your hair has gotten curly? Mine over the last couple of years has gotten really wavey too.

    I am so glad you had a great time and am happy you got to see Billy Elliot! I love the stage and that would be such a spectacular one to see.

    Blessings to you and your family in the next decade and I consider it a privelege to have gotten to know you a little over the past year!


  9. Were I to switch over to women, I'd start with you first.
    Hopefully that made you laugh.
    Happy Birhtday!!!!
    Your Friend, m.

  10. It sounds like you had a fantastic birthday weekend with all your family close by.


    And many thanks as well ;)

  11. Happy Birthday Chania! Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration! Love the flowers, especially the tulips.

    After reading the comments about the 50's, I expect that decade of my life to be fabulous because I am in my mid 40's and I am loving this time in my life.

    ~ Tracy

  12. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! It is so great to hear somebody say they aren't afraid to get older. I love my birthday and I feel more confident and happy in my life with every passing year. You are living my dream. Glad you had family and friends to enjoy it with!

  13. Happy Birthday Chania! It sounds like you celebrated in style!!! I'm only a few years younger and like you, I am not dreading 50 one bit! Hopefully the cottage deal will come through after the man's surgery and you can get on to making those plans in Florida!

    Kat :)

  14. A very Happy Birthday! I just love my 50's and you will too. Good luck with the cottage. I have my fingers crossed and a prayer going out for the buyer and his surgery. Kit

  15. Happy Happy 50!
    Wishing you all good things!
    (I love my 50's too!)

    happy day!

  16. Well Happy Birthday Chania! A weekend with the family sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate...your flowers are just beautiful!!! ~Deb~

  17. A big, big happy birthday to you, Chania. It sounds as though you have good times to look forward to and have made your own luck. And those jam jars look good!

  18. Happy Birthday Chania! It sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating with your family. xx

  19. Happy, happy birthday to you! I turned 50 earlier this year. I don't feel any different than when I was 49! Age is just a matter of the mind.

  20. Sounds like you were well feted! Beautiful!

  21. Happy Birthday Chania. I hope you enjoyed it. I too usually choose to spend those special days with the kiddos. I just have to tell you again how gorgeous your pictures are.

  22. Happy Birthday Chania - 50 is good. You will like it! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with your family. Ann

  23. Happy birthday Chania - well belated birthday that is! It sounds like you had a great time with family and feasting. I didn't dread my 50th either.

  24. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you celebrated it perfectly :)

  25. Oh Chania Happy HAPPY H-A-P-P-Y Birthday to you GORGEOUS Girl....I'm SO glad you spent it SPOILT by Family & Friends....You DESERVE it....!

    I ONLY wish I were closer to give you a birthday hug & have a glass of riesling with you....!!

    WARMEST wishes for a FANTABULOUS year....!!!!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah xxx

  26. Warm wishes for a kinder, more fabulous set of years for you. Happy, happy day!


  27. Happy Belated Birthday Chania!!!
    I hope your day was wonderful!
    I have a few months on you, but I couldn't agree more... I was happy to leave the 40's behind, and 50?!.... so far, so good!

  28. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Chania!!! Oh, I am so sorry I missed this post. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! All my love and best wishes for the most fabulous year, lovely lady!! Hugs ~ Txx


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