Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Photo Challenge

First of all I wanted to mention that to the person who posted The Handsome Melvin on last weeks challenge, the link was wrong and we couldn't access your post.  We weren't ingnoring your lovely photo, just couldn't get to it or tell who posted it.

Today's challenge was to photograph a DOOR.  I apologise to anyone who recognises this door as one I have posted before, and indeed it is.  I fully intended to get my behind out walking the neighborhood today and find one fabulous inspiring door, however I live in the burbs and would have to travel to the older part of town to get anything other than a Home Depot Designer Door, plus it is piddling down today and the photo would be lousy.

When I looked though my photo archives, this shot stood out because of the size, design and stunning colour of this door I spotted in Toronto last year with the Cerulean Blue and fabulous brass door knobs.  I think a good photo of a door should beckon you to want to open it and peek in side, or wonder from the outside who lives behind it.

Next week, since it Spring for half of us and Fall for the rest, I thought we could capture an OUTDOOR SHOT of your choice.  Lots of freedom on this one, and I promise not to be a lazy cow again.
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  1. Like the trim on the door - if that is what one call that. As well as the blue.
    I would like to see the inside, specially that they say it is wheelchair friendly.

  2. that is one gorgeous door. and the color, omg.

    re you last post on s. tyler. i have been in love with him since i was about 16 or 17 but i don't watch tv. i've heard he is on idol but that kinda bothered me. i'm glad you are liking him there though.

    and re the issue of people taking cuts in line on their posts. if i go back in and add an edited note or fix spelling and republish it, does the post get pushed to the top again? b/c if it does then i'm guilty of that. i'll have to be more careful.

    i enjoy these photo assignments and i'll try not to be so lazy and get my act together and join in.


  3. The blue door is gorgeous! Love the detail !

    happy day!

  4. Morning Chania....!

    I'm BACK with some SERIOUS catching up to do....hahahahaha....I'm ALMOST glad 'daylight savings' ends today 'cause I have an EXTRA hour to catch up on my FAVE blogs.... :o) !!

    Anyways GORGEOUS Girl I LOVE your door & will be back later tonight with a glass of wine for a GOOD read....!!

    Cheers from Oz (though my heart is 'elsewhere'),
    Tamarah xxx

  5. Love that colour blue. Gorgeous!

  6. What a great color! It would look perfect on my house! Kit

  7. It is a babulous door and that cerulean is so beckoning!! I like to unusual door knockers as well!

    Do come and enter my Giveaway from the Zhush!!You will love it!

    Art by Karena

  8. That is a door after my own heart - love the colour and the details. I don't have any door photos either - living in the burbs and all. However, I'm going to Waterloo today so if I see any interesting doors I'll try and get a post up. I can definitely do an outdoors one for next week.

  9. That blue color is to die for! I love all the detail! :D

  10. I found a cute little house in dire need of a makeover in Waterloo and got some photos of the door. Love your challenges, even if I don;t always do them.

  11. Hi Chania, I'm the subversive non-blogger person who submited the Handsome Melvin pic.
    Sorry there was nothing to link to, and I didn't think it would actually upload... but I'll try anything to share a pic of my sweet ol'(now departed) Melvin with the world. Sue

  12. I just love that door photo. That colour is fabulous...I know my sister J., has longed to have Tiffany blue painted doors somewhere in her house.


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