Monday, November 8, 2010

The Dog is on UK Time, Reno Dust and Tomorrow is my Tax Audit.

The subway tile is partly installed. 3" x 6" subway is a huge pain in the butt to install. Not hard, but time consuming, back aching work.

Feeling pretty grumpy today.  My ancient Labrador Gracie has been on UK time now for about 6 months.  I used to have to wake her up in the morning, but suddenly over to UK time.  Made even worse by Canada's switch to Daylight Savings this past weekend.  Too old to manage the stairs, she sleeps in the living room.  When she wakes she stands at the bottom of the stairs and barks.  And barks.  We've tried the old "don't spoil the baby" routine and just let her bark, covering our ears with the pillow.  We've tried letting her out for a pee.  A biscuit.  Last night Mr. Raz slept on the couch beside her.  She just keeps barking. The Valium has not helped.  She can't even stand up when she takes it.  So we've been up since 4 am.  Maybe she needs a holiday in Bath.

So I am grumpy. 
 And it doesn't help that Razmataz was selected for a tax audit which happens tomorrow.
  It's kinda like being at the airport.  When security or immigration looks at you a certain way and you know you are innocent, but you worry they may have some secret knowledge or you've been mixed up with someone get a little anxious and sweaty.
I have always been a squeaky clean rule follower all my life when it comes to things like this.  My records are impeccable, but it bothers me still.  I am looking forward to it being over. 
 But Reno's make me happy.  Here Simon is marking the level line.  Something not often done in this house before.  It will end up taking 2 men 2 days to install just the subway tile.  In the meantime, I have been hatching plans with Simon for taking out the kitchen wall and adding a bathroom.  Never sure how I could fit a powder room in on the main level, I had a light bulb moment at 4:30am and ran it by Simon today who said it would work. (it's all to do with the plumbing stack)
 The bead board is up.  Now the beams will be added and the moldings.
The medicine cabinet arrived and is installed.  It reflects a lot of light back into the bedroom from the adjacent windows.

I hope you all had a great weekend and your week is off to a good start.


  1. *&%& that is going to look good, girl!
    It looks like a Sarah Richardson bathroom already.....thats how awesome it will be.

    I am really curious as to how they are mounting the beams on your bead you think you could take pics on the process. I thought they would have mounted the beadboard straight across and not left space for the beams.....

    Don't be too grummpy, you have too many people who like you on here, like me!

  2. I love the tile and the cabinet !
    I am getting to know the "old dog" behaviors too ... Pup is 11 and still acts like a Pup and doesn't bark unless I tease him but he is moving like an old guy now.
    My mothers old dog barked .. the vet decided that it was because the poor little thing was blind. So she got confused and worried/scared and would stand in one spot and bark.
    Valium is too strong, find one of those calming drugs they give anxious pups and give him the baby dose.. good luck ..

  3. Oh, poor Gracie, poor you. One of those moments where you find yourself having a conversation, in fact pleading, with a pooch to please understand English and stop doing what they are doing....

    For my old gal, she cannot hear or identify properly the sounds she is familiar with, she feels the vibrations of a thump, or door slam and it scares her I think so....she barks..but not as bad as Gracie and not at night. However in my bed at night, she circles a lot, snores and harumphs, so sleep is still iffy.

    When it rains it pours on you....

    The reno is looking great and seems to be moving along quite well. Are you standing there with a whip out of view?



  4. A holiday in Bath...haha. Poor Gracie and poor parents of Gracie. Audits are gut wrenching and I would feel the same way. The tile looks fabulous.

  5. Awww, good luck with your doggie. I hope you eventually hit upon a solution. We were audited for a couple of years once and I was nervous because we had just moved, my son was one-month-old and my documents were pretty complete but also a disorganized mess spread throughout a bunch of boxes still waiting to be unpacked. Just remember that the tax people love documents, and since you have that in order, you should be fine.

  6. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous...I cannot WAIT to see the finished room!

  7. Wow, it's all happening at your house. Your poor old pooch! Those tiles are gping to look fabulous, can't wait to see the finished results!

  8. That's a lot Chania...and poor Gracie, must be driving everyone (including her) up the wall.
    I'm really curious about your ceiling...can't wait to see the finished product with the beams.
    Tile was a fabulous choice. Good luck with the audit.

  9. Your tiles is gorgeous - it's always been my favourite too. I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm looking forward to digging into your archives! xo

  10. Oh my goodness - poor you - no sleep and an audit. What could be worse? At least you have your gorgeous bathroom reno. I"m loving the tiles you selected. It is going to look amazing.

  11. I love that word 'reno'; it makes me feel like an insider. It's looking good, especially the line-of-sight medicine cabinet. Apparently the best thing to do about tax audits is not to offer them tea or biscuits.

  12. Chania
    The dishes are called "Old Vine"
    of Eturia.
    Wedgwood & Barlaston

    They are a really neat maroon purpley colour. Fun aren't they?


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