Friday, November 5, 2010

The Reno

Things have been moving along well on the Reno front.  Since this room is really just a boring box, with no extra inches to panel the walls or add bookshelves, my only option was to create drama with the ceiling.  Here the awful spray stucco ceiling has been levelled with strapping and the spotlights installed.  We confirmed what the window installers told us a few years ago, that we live in a crooked house. 
The ceiling is now ready for the bead board.   
The view into the bathroom which is now flooded with natural light.
The basket weave tile is down.  I have loved this floor for 10 years at least.  To me, it is as classic as a black dress with pearls.  It will never go out of style. 
Ok, I can't calculate square footage too well.  We ran out, and now have to wait for a delivery from Montreal to get 3 additional tiles.
Status report
Sink-Arrived and gorgeous.
Taps-Incorrect.  Returned for exchange
Sconces-Back ordered.


  1. That basket weave has a very strange visual effect when you scroll down, Raz - it seems to get closer to you.

  2. Oh must have the patience of a saint! That basketweave floor is a classic and so beautiful...worth waiting for? dare I say...

  3. Looks great. I agree with you on the tile, a true classic and great PATTERN!

  4. beautiful floor, C. wow! all the delays. I had better be prepared for that.

    looks like your space is gonna be terrific!

  5. ugh..I am feeling for you I truly am.......being on the other end of the retail for tile and is horrible to have to tell a customer the tile is stuck in Vancouver or Toronto. I know this reno pain all too much. Hang in there...the floor is DEVINE.

  6. Your checklist shows that you appear to be in the midst of a perfectly normal reno ... the only thing you forgot was 'over budget'.

    Looking very good so far!!

  7. delays, delays, but still--it's fun to see it all unfold if you're just ME, sitting here with my coffee enjoying your pictures. I love that basket weave tile.

  8. ADORE the tile, sorry for the hassles, it's looking, go drink. : D



  9. Chania I adore that tile isn't it amazing!!

    Come and enter my new Giveaway....I know you will love it!!

    Art by Karena

  10. Are you sleeping on the couch? Or are you lucky enough to have a spare room.....just wondering.

  11. I love that choice of tile! And who doesn't live in a crooked house?xx

  12. What I wouldn't give for basket weave tile! You lucky duck. Except for all those back-ordered and delayed items. That stinks. But I'm sure it will all be beautiful and well worth the wait.


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