Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am a lovers of cornrows....on a baby's head or out in the field. Maybe I crave order, or it is the repetition or that glance out the window with the endless flash of straight perfect rows.

Headed North yesterday to shut down the cottage that has NOT sold.
Had lousy Chinese in a local diner, given that it was Tuesday night in small town Ontario, there's not much choice.  But the company was good.  I enjoy the friendship with my cottage neighbour who has been living in these parts for donkeys years. 

On the way up there was construction in several areas and I was forced to idle several times, which gave me great opportunities to get some nice photos.

I pass these silos (4) all the time.  Horses and cows always pay attention if you roll down your window.  I think this guy was waiting for an apple core.  I love making eye contact with a horse or cow on the side of the road when you stop or slow down.
I have never noticed these churches before until I was held up by the steamroller ahead of me.  Side by side.  One is very primitive with a wooden cross on the top, but Blogger is being ridiculous and won't let me post higher res pictures today, only ones that I have photoshopped smaller.

And the Fall light reflected deliciously in the water on the Bay. Not a soul around.


  1. I love swimming in lakes. There is something about it that feels so free...Your pictures make me want to jump in, and taste that lake water.

    The silos, horse, and church steeples are a reminder to me of slower, simpler life, one that I wish I lived. I crave it and my life is not as busy as some for sure. Those are good pictures to wake up with as it is pouring buckets here and I have to travel to Victoria today. All the horses I am going to see are going to be drenched!

  2. Chania your photographs are incredible. You have obviously mastered that new camera. I love it when we are forced to slow down and actually see what is around us instead of just passing it without a second glance. You tend to find the most beautiful things you have often overlooked. Beautiful surroundings!

  3. Chania, I love your pictures! The feather is beautiful, and I love the horse "portrait". I would love to have a cottage somewhere in the BC interior. Ahh, one day.
    Have a lovely day.

  4. Nice taking the drive up North with the Chania...lovely always.

  5. I love that you "pay attention".

    SO many of us are guilty of just getting through the day, but you really do stop to smell the roses, and the horses and the cows....

    To me, that is what churches are supposed to look like. None here like that, oh, except the little white wedding chapel on THE STRIP.

    Sounds like Pinecone Camp should buy your beautiful cottage?



  6. I miss the Ontario landscape...thanks for taking me with you on your drive Chania....nobody around?...just maybe a few angels!

  7. I love the pictures you took. I think everyone should slow down once in awhile. See what they are missing! Sounds like a wonderful and peaceful place. ~Ames

  8. Beautiful! I just love all your photographs. They are so serene and calming, especially the feather.

    xo M

  9. I love corn rows and rows of hay bales. Farms in general call to me. We spent last weekend snapping images of barns. The stone church of yours is almost identical to the one I photographed for the architecture challenge.

  10. More feathers! Great pictures. And of course I love the feathers.
    Your cottage loves you too much to be handed off to someone else quite yet. All that TLC you've given it and it wants to give back.

  11. Your photos are beautiful, even if Blogger is being silly and won't let you post the high res ones!

    Kat :)

  12. LOVE the photos. . .am partial to horses. It's amazing what we see when we really take time to look.

    happy day!


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