Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Faffing Around In Toronto

I was faffing around in Toronto a couple of times last week when I happened on some extreme loveliness. 

A cake shop extraordinaire called Bobbette and Belle.

Since there will be 2 Royal weddings next year (OK so ours isn't royal) I find myself driven to look at Wedding stuff.  Given that I was married at City Hall with 2 witnesses and no real bouquet or wedding dress or anything......I am finding it a bit wonderful to gaze at wedding delights lately. 
So this is the one I picked (pink one).  I have emailed this shop to see if I can use some of their photos and do a blog post on them. 
I didn't buy macaroons, but I did buy some Mayan Chocolate Caramels which we took as a hostess gift to the dinner we went to, and like a good guest sampled them when offered....delicious. 
A macaroon topiary..Chef Bobette does not look happy in this photo, but it was just a bad shot of him.  He was very friendly and smiley.
I loved their wall of flowery plates. (matching wall other side) 
I like this Starbucks because they always have a nice display of local art. 

I do love a nice art wall.  Snapped this at the Coach Leather store, where they have an odd procedure for getting your merchandise.  You tell them what you want, they radio it to the back.  You pay for it, then you wait an endless amount of time for a little silk headband to be brought to the front while an abundance of smartly dressed sale staff say hi to you and ask if you've been served, while you keep waiting for the person on the other end of said radio to bring your purchase to the front.

Meanwhile, I amused myself by taking photos of the art wall.


  1. Amen to that! I've always thought that was a less-than-efficient process they have going on! It doesn't seem to bug me enough to stay away though! :)

  2. The wedding cakes are too pretty to eat!

  3. Those cakes look divine! In fact some of them could be wallpaper (or is that just because I've got wallpaper on the brain at the moment?!)

  4. The wedding cakes are fantastic, my daughter married last saturday and her cake was divine, very romantic, today, these cakes are pure art.
    Nice post.

  5. The wedding cakes do look gorgeous1 I think the pink one is my favourite too!

  6. arent these cakes awesome? they dont even look real. i love visiting and poking around toronto, although at the moment im only close to charlottetown :)
    december i will be back in ontario for the holidays, and in T.O for a few days weee

  7. oooh, love that coach art wall. i'm downloading it for inspiration on gathering art for a room I'm working on.


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