Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Art........ Felted White on White

I am a dabbler. 
 I like to attempt many things, never really applying myself to one in particular.
Hence, I was not a good student.
One of the things I like to do is make felt.  I start with pure sheep wool that I buy carded and washed.  Before it is spun.  When I first starting felting I decided I was going to be "pure" in my art and use raw wool.  Far too smelly......the house smelled like a barn. 
Felt is one of the oldest forms of fabric.  Felting occurs when you add water, soap and agitation to wool.  You ended up with a lovely soft pure wool fabric. 
Anyone can felt.  It makes a lovely project for children.
For one of my larger pieces, I made 12 felted "tiles". 
All from a white Corriedale sheep.
Without using a stitch, only agitation, I created designs that I felted onto the back of my plain "tiles" that I have made first. 
The dyes used in wool making can be toxic, so I like to create with natural colored sheep.
The textures create enough shadows and dimension, that color is really not necessary.
When working with natural wool and no color, the challenge is you have to create something with relief to make it anything at all.  Far more difficult than working with colored wool. 
 Pattern is easier to create with color. 
I challenged myself to use only one material and one color.  Here I added some gorgeous lamb curls.
I mounted it on white, matted it white and framed it white. 
It ended up being quite large.  4' x 3'.  This piece was accepted into a juried art exhibition. 
It is a very organic piece and process.
Here is is in our reading room.  It has been resting on this table for 3 years.  I am not sure where it will end up, so I haven't put a nail in the wall yet. 
This is how I began.  Wool roving layered, then wetted with olive oil soap and water,
rubbed on a bamboo mat.

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  1. it is really quite stunning! love it! kit

  2. Chania that's amazing. I love the picture you've created. Never thought before of the process of how felt is created, I'm learning something new every day!


    Chania it is wonderful!
    did I mention I Love it?



  4. So pretty! i've only recently discovered felting while being over here in Ireland and always admire the gorgeous pieces that people create. I've only dabbled a bit so far myself and hope to spend more time working at it. I really love that you used only natural wool :)

  5. I really like it and your rug looks like one Tommy would have picked ..LOL

  6. I've never seen this done-very unique-thanks for sharing!

  7. Lovely and I enjoyed you teaching the art.

  8. That is absolutely stunning. Would you consider doing a step by step tutorial with pictures. I'd love to give that a whirl :)

  9. I did a felting course and really loved it Chania, but have not done any felting since. I LOVE your White on White!! I love that you needed to creat your designs through relief, you did an amazing job! The end result is stunning...all framed and hung on your wall, it is so inspiring! ~ Tina xx

  10. Chania, I love your felted tiles, I didn't check your store but don't you think you should be selling these ?!
    My French Country Home

  11. This is beautiful! I wish I could reach through the computer screen and touch the felt. I'm amazed and envious (I'm a dabbler too) because I can't fathom taking on a project like this and have it turn out so great.

  12. Chania your felt art is really lovely - I love white art, it really enhances the textural qualities and subtle nuances of the materials - and your framing is so very tasteful. Plus....please tell me where you got that awesome rug?!x

  13. That is awesomely amazing! It looks so antastic all framed up. How very creative you are and talented to boot - it's one thing to come up with the ideas and quite another to execute them with such skill!

  14. How intriguing and beautiful. I truly love this. It seems like something I would like to try but I wonder if I could learn it. Thank you for showing your beautiful work!


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