Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sarah Richardson's Cottage and A Special Customer!

Sarah Richardson's own cottage.  My favourite thing is her use of three different types of seating.  The bench, the armchairs and the painted vintage office chairs.
All photos on this post are from www.sarahrichardsondesign.com

I don't know about you, but I've been missing Sarah Richardson lately.  I love her show Design Inc., and especially enjoy her "Sarah's House" Sarah's Cottage" and "Sarah's Farmhouse" series where she fearlessly guts a house and gives it a complete redo. All of her shows are in re-runs right now, and I am missing them.

 Earlier this year, I did a series of posts on her Farmhouse project, a property she was intending for resale.  You can see my post on the bedrooms HERE plus other rooms in my blog archives.  I was pleasantly surprised to read in this month's Canadian House and Home magazine, that she ended up keeping this house as a weekend retreat.  There are some great pictures of the Farmhouse all done up for Christmas and her lovely little girls, as well as an interview with her co-star Tommy Smythe.

I was wondering about her new series Sarah 101, and discovered that it is scheduled to run in January 2011.  I must say, I am looking forward to it.  And especially because, Sarah actually bought a vintage armchair from the SHOP, and I believe it will be used on one of the new episodes.  I can't wait to see what she did with it.  I won't show you which chair yet, but I am hoping it does get featured of course.

By far one of my favourite projects of hers is her Northern Ontario cottage situated on an island.
I love the color scheme and the mix of furnishings and materials.  All very clever and perfectly suited to the property.  Penny tiles are my favourite. Combined with the open shelves and the charming cupboards, this could be my dream room. 
The beauty of reclaimed wood. 
Notice how beautifully the support pillars are incorporated into this island. 
If I remember correctly, this cottage is Off the Grid. 
Please note that I am merely a fan of Sarah's designs.  I do not work for her or know her.  Every time I feature some of her work, I get emails from people wanting to know the name of the fabric on her chair or where she had the fabric paper backed or the color of the kitchen paint.   I DON'T KNOW. 
I do know that her website has loads of info www.sarahrichardsondesign.com and also www.hgtv.ca provides a list of sources, paints etc for all episodes. All of these photos come from


  1. That's SO cool! I love Sarah (and Tommy!)... and am watching the reruns of all her shows now, can't wait for the new one!

  2. You know I never actually got to watch the end reveal of her cottage..I think I watched up till the point when they were adding the bead board trim and there was some dilema about the paint on them...but holy smokes it is soooooo nice, I wanna live there.

    Thanks for posting this. I too am eagerly awaiting her new show.

  3. I miss Sarah too. I love her shows and I don't know why but I thought all along the farmhouse was for herself. Thanks for the heads up on her new show and I hope your chair is featured!

  4. I thought I was a big fan of hers also but I haven't seen this cottage....which I LOVE! I really love the colors and the simplicity.
    She bought a chair from you?! yea! can't wait to see it!

  5. Thanks for the update on Sarah. We don't get much info on here in the USA and only get her reruns. I don't think they've every showed her cottage here. I would love to see it. I will definitely check out her other rooms on your blog. Thanks again.

  6. I missed this cottage too!It must not have run here, though the farmhouse ran three times straight..... Now I'll go crazy trying to find the reruns.
    I LOVE her, but I have friends who don't, and I think they're nuts!

    I have never been disappointed in any of her work.

    Thanks for the info on upcoming show. I will be devoted fan.


  7. I adore her work - I wish we had her shows in the UK. I may look to see if they are out on DVD - if so I know what I want in my stocking this year!

  8. You'll have to let us know when the chair features in the show.xx

  9. It may be silly, but i don't know Sarah. Is she known in Holland? But I do like the pictures.


  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous and more gorgeousness!!! I can't wait to see what Sarah did with her 'Chania' chair!!! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics. Love them all~ Tina xx

  11. Chania, I love it when you do a feature post on Sarah, I so love her style. I will have to try and get a copy of Canadian House and Home so that I can drool over the photos of her farmhouse! And how exciting that she bought one of your chairs...you'll have to let us know when that particular episode airs.

    Now...could you please tell me what the fabric she used on those chairs was...oh, just kidding! ;-)

    Kat :)

  12. I've never watched her shows, but now, with your recommendations, I think I will!

  13. LOVE Sarah and her team! That's awesome that she bought one of your chairs. I hear that she is very nice.

  14. The Sarah's House series is one of my very favorites and I miss it too! Along with Tommy they just do amazing things and are so fun to watch!

  15. Glad you liked our feature on Sarah's country home for the holidays! We also have a gallery of Sarah's work, at http://www.houseandhome.com/design/photo-gallery-sarah-richardson-designs, if you are interested in seeing work she has done for other people.

    Feel free to link to us at www.houseandhome.com!

    Web promotions editor

  16. I watch all of Sarah's shows over and over again just so I don't miss anything. I have never seen this cottage so thanks for sharing it. I agree the mix of chairs and the bench is visually interesting and very pretty. ♥O

  17. Love the colors, the cottage is amazing.

  18. come follow me at my new home....Pink Satin Sashes....Melissa

  19. Mmmm....yummy eye candy. I don't normally go for such soothing tones, but I do enjoy studying how it's all put together. Would you please tell me where that bench in the dining room comes from? Ha! Just kidding. Hilarious that people would e-mail you asking these questions. I appreciate your Sarah updates because I like her show but it comes on at very odd times for me. Can't wait to see whether your chair will get a chance to shine in the limelight.


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