Friday, November 12, 2010

Photo Challenge-Pattern

 Hi everyone.  Today's challenge is Pattern.  Showing a photo that illustrates the use of pattern.  I always associate pattern with repetition, although you could have a pattern that has no repetition.
Anyway, what I liked about this pattern is how many different patterns I see in it.  Depending on how much and what I have been drinking,(kidding) I see it as an arangement of chevrons, diamonds, rectangles is you squint and I even see lines depending on what angle I look at it.  It must be interesting to design patterns. (oh, and now the photo is blown up, I see it needs vaccuming.)
From this angle I see the stripe and I can make out the rectangles......are you with me? 
In design class we studied the use of pattern in keeping a space dynamic. 
I am so not a pattern girl.  This is about it in my house.  The rug and the kitty pillow.  
From a distance, it does read as a neutral. 
Next week, I thought it would be fun to photograph something handcrafted.
A painting, a necklace, pottery.  Anything showing the use of a hand.
The idea is to make this a photography challenge and not just a show and tell, so try an find an interesting angle, lighting or way to capture the essence of handicraft.
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  1. Hiya Chania....!

    I WON'T promise to participate in this challenge due to my no show for the last one....!! I did want to pop in though to let you know all is well & to let you know I've been thinkin' about you.... :o) !!

    I LOVE this rug....What a GREAT choice in colour & design....hmmmmm....You've got me thinkin' now about changin' our cream rug (which I CANNOT keep clean) out for a colourful one with a similar pattern....!!!

    I'm lookin' forward to seeing everyone's pics when I come back to visit....!

    Oh yes....The HR has been PLENTIFUL my Friend....P-L-E-N-T-I-F-U-L....!!!

    I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend Lovey....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. I'm on the road and don't have time to put together a post. Looking forward to seeing what every has done!

  3. love the rug! i use some pattern in my house, usually in the form of a texture. thanks so much for your lovely comments on my horse paintings!! it means the world to me.
    happy weekend to you,

  4. Love your choice of pattern! The rug is great. I like how from a distance the rug is considered a neutral, but up close it has so much going on. Very cool!

  5. Great benefit this rug is hiding if it needs to be 'vaccumed' ) Will make me go look for one of those.
    You tea mug goes well with the carpet and the kitty pillow too.

  6. Amazing how the rug can read as neutral...but it does!

  7. Your rug is beautiful. I love black and white as well as color :)

    happy day!

  8. Hi Chania,

    Since rugs are my business, I am giving an official thumbs up to your pick ♥

    Great choice for a flat woven rug and oodles of texture. ~Jane T.


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