Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sarah Richardson's Cottage Living Room and a Feature on Remodelaholic

I am so luck that Cassity over at Remodelaholic is featuring my dining room today on her busy interesting blog.  Pop on over to see her continually updated blog and amazing homes.

Last week I posted some pictures of Sarah Richardson's kitchen that was featured on her show "Sarah's Cottage".  This show featured her Reno of her own island retreat.  It appears that a lot of people outside of Canada have not seen this show, so I thought I would treat you to a few more photos of this gorgeous place. 
It wouldn't be Sarah's House if it didn't have a fabulous mix of fabrics.  In every room she does, the pillows are just so great...love the mix of denim, icat, floral and stripes.  
I find it very restful.  The view takes center stage here, not the furniture.  It all blends seamlessly into the surroundings. 
If I remember correctly, she added some white paint to the finish on the tongue and groove panelling to avoid that yellow pine look that pine gets with age. 
An old office chair gets new life and a lovely vignette above the old dresser. 
The seating area in the kitchen.  Can you picture having coffee here in the morning with friends.
What I really like here, is that the colors are mixed up.  It would have been typical to repeat the clue palette from the living room.  This is more eclectic and unexpected 
With only water access, all of the materials and furnishings had to arrive by barge..

You can also see more of Sarah's work HERE and other great Canadian designers on the
 Canadian House and Home website.http://www.houseandhome.com/


  1. Wow Chania, I love these pictures, I so long to live by water, I could definitely get used to this room. Comfortable and elegant.
    My French Country Home

  2. Love the creams and blues. Yea, I could relax here.

  3. Hi Chania,
    thanks for posting these photos. I'm seeing a lot of Sarah Richardson on blogs at the moment and adore her homes. She has such beautiful taste and style. We don't get her programmes in the UK and I've even tried to find DVD's of her programme but no luck so appreciate the photos.

  4. Thank you Chania for sharing more of Sarah's cottage. How I wish they would show that seriec here in the States! It looks so lovely and inviting.

  5. I'm in love!!! I really like her fabric and color choices. Thank you for sharing all of those wonderful pictures. Ann

  6. WOW! thanks for sharing those amazing photos. The wood work and ceiling are unreal - what an inspiration. All the best, Lori

  7. I checked and this cottage was not shown here in the US..yet, though two other remodels were shown, and repeated!

    Ever since you turned me on to her site featuring these homes I have been back many times, esp those late nights of non- sleep.

    Thank you dear!


  8. What a beautiful space...so airy and refreshing!


  9. Ahh yes...no one does it better than Sarah thats for sure....hope you are well! All the best,Chrissy

  10. Love the fabrics and how she mixes it all. Thanks for sharing this. ♥O

  11. I think Sarah's cottage is my favourite of all the homes she has done. I could happily move right in and not change a thing.

  12. I love, love this house, the colors, the view, the style, it's stunning.
    Congratulations on your post.

  13. That room from the Sarah Richardson cottage is fabulous. I so love that look of having four armchair sofas circling a coffee table. Very cozy. How wonderful that your dining room is getting additional exposure. I've always admired your styling in that room.

  14. Sarah is definitely my all-time favourite Canadian designer - her rooms are always so comfy, classic, a gorgeous combination of fabrics and a great mix of new and old pieces. I saw her and Tommy at the Christie Antique Fair last year when they were out shopping for her country house and he's just as funny in person as he is on her show. :)


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