Tuesday, November 30, 2010

POSH Chicago

I thought you may like a look at a fantastic shop that I found in Chicago.
Full of Vintage Bits, mostly French and American.
You can check them out and order online.


  1. I haven't been there before but will definitely have to check it out.


  2. iv'e just been catching up with your blog...holy cow you have been through a lot recently!! i am glad you decided to find your family...connections are important....even if they are not "good" connections, they are still important. my best friend lives in glencoe, il. so i vacation to chicago frequently. i love that town! looks like a cool shop.....i'll have to check it out next time i'm up there. i see those vintage beads are $38 ?....i saw some at the flea market last weekend for $15....i KNEW i should have bought them. er.

  3. I wish I could have been there too...for lots of reasons!

  4. Oh the beads....ah just a really cool bit.

  5. It looks really interesting, somewhere you could browse and browse and browse and not know what to buy! ;-)

  6. Wow! The items in the store are lovely, and the architecture of the store is amazing! Love, love, LOVE those fabulous windows!


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