Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photo Challenge- Hand Made

I know this is early, but I am having an engagement party this weekend and want to get this out so I can get cracking on making things pink and frilly around here.

This weeks challenge was to photograph something that illustrated work by hand.
These old Christmas ornaments, although not hand made, are all hand painted and glittered by hand.
the paint strokes are tiny and perfect, and to me perfectly charming.

There has been some chat on the blogs lately about Vignettes.  Not in a negative way, just people saying when they see a vignette, it leaves them wanting more. Do you like that little peek of a room or setting, perfectly staged and giving you a glimpse at something, but not a full look.  Do you think vignettes hide from us more than they reveal?.  Are bloggers not being open and upfront when they post the tiny areas of perfection?

I love a beautiful vignette, but they always leave me wanting more.  A better look.  A bigger picture.
Magazines almost always give you another look by backing up and giving you the full shot also. 
Not so much with blogs.  You get a snippet.  10 different ways perhaps, but definitely a snippet.
After a while, it can feel Unauthentic. Contrived. Impersonal.
Or is it clever, artisitic, engaging?
The challenge for the next challenge is 2 fold.  And you have an extra week to do it because I am away next week in Chicago meeting with my long lost relatives. (long story which I will post about shortly). This challenge will post on December 3rd.

Photograph a Vingette (a small view, window or area) of a room or area of your home or anything.
Then back up and photograph it again.
The purpose of this challenge is to show what a vignette reveals, and what it hides. 
Giving it context.
Keeping it Real
 How your impression of something can completely change when you see the bigger picture.

I think this could be one of our most interesting ones yet.


  1. Oh, I like the idea of the next challenge, Chania. Glad we have two weeks. I have to agree that the small, staged vignettes do not always show the "reality", but I feel that whatever one wants to put on their blog and how they want to present it is their perogative. However, I like to see the big picture and prefer NOT to see the staged shots. Although they are pretty to look at.

    Love the hand painted ornaments! So pretty. I can imagine them on a tree adding their own particular story amongst the other ornaments.

    Enjoy your party! Ann

  2. Yikes. I did not know there was a hubbub going around about vignettes. I am definitely guilty of the Vignette post. I was going for "artistic and engaging." The blogs I visit are mostly full of eye candy - a bit of an escape, so I like to provide that as well. I actually did a post where I had a vignette and then stepped back to show the less than attractive reality around it. Sometimes things aren't so visually pleasing in a rental so I just create my own world. Now to figure out what I will do for this fun challenge!

  3. I love the idea of the vignette challenge as well and I have to say I"m guilty of that, because the rest of the room is too messy or has things I don't really like visible in it.

    I'll have to see if I have some 'homemade' things I can take photos of. Love your challenges.

  4. I love your hand-painted ornaments Chania. I vowed many years ago, despite what it looked like, our Christmas tree would only have ornaments that meant something to the family on it. A tad design-risky, but it seems to work out.
    Can't wait to see photos of the engagement party! Wooohooo! Have fun!

  5. I am with Grace, there is usually only a small area that is neat and tidy in my home and a vignette is a perfect way to join in blogging without the stress of having a magazine perfect home. Having said that I will try and join in the link up.

  6. I love the ornaments, so beautiful, they are inspiring me to decorate soon.

    I wouldn't call anything I post as vignettes, but just let me just say that I have to crop the *mess* out of most of the pictures I post. We have ALOT going on in this house ALL THE TIME and I am not especially organized and orderly...that's why my mantra is "A creative mess is better then tidy idleness".
    So I guess I *will* have to organize a bit for the next challenge hahaha

    happy day!

  7. You have given me something to remember. Especially on the internet to not accept and believe all that is dished up, rather see it at face value.

  8. I love those type of ornaments and was very lucky to inherit many from both my husbands and my own family. I am looking forward to the next challenge. And sorry I couldn't do this one. Kit

  9. i love the old ornaments best. especially the ones with those indentations.

  10. I also did not know about the vignette controversy. I always assumed that most, if not all, homes we see on the Internet are not picture-perfect all the time. I primarily take photos for my blog after I've cleaned and dusted, which serves as an incentive to get the dreaded chores done.

    I do appreciate seeing some real photos as opposed to all staged but there's only so many real photos I can take as opposed to the eye candy that keeps me glued to the computer for hours at a time. Can't wait to see the photos of those brave souls who take on this challenge! :-)

    p.s. Don't be surprised if people are begging for an invite to the wedding after seeing those engagement party photos!


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