Friday, February 11, 2011

Bonne Valentine Recipe and The Friday Photo Challenge for Next Week.

Since many of you will be celebrating Valentines Day over the weekend, I thought you may like this recipe for the most delicious chocolate cake.  I think I have posted this recipe before, but it was when I only had 3 followers, so some of you may have missed it, and it is such a fantastic recipe, I decided to post it again. With no icing, just fresh berries, it is not overly sweet and has a gooey dense centre.  This type of cake is known as a Fallen Souffle as it "falls" upon cooling creating a delightful fudgys  but still cake like centre.  I have certain recipes that are "go to" recipes for me.  Ones that always turn out, are relatively easy to make and are Restaurant Quality.  This cake is one of those.  I made one last Sunday and passed it on to neighbors who had family from the UK there.  They loved it and asked for the recipe.  Given that this is decorated with raspberries and a dusting of icing sugar, it also makes the perfect cake for Valentines as it looks very Festive.  I like to serve it with a dab of Chantilly Cream. (1 cup whipping cream.  Whip in 2 tablespoons icing sugar and a splash of vanilla or a scraping of vanilla bean.)  You can also make it up the day before as it keeps well for several day.  Recipe below.

Many of you have expressed an interest in continuing the Friday Photo Challenge, and I was really pleased that you all seem to enjoy it and still wish to participate.  So I will host it again starting next week on the 18th.  Since I personally find photographing Food challenging, our first challenge of 2011 will be FOOD.  Photograph any food item.  Food is tricky.  I am going to scour my cookbooks and try and get ideas on how the professional food stylists do it.  They make it look easy, but I know that there is a bit of foolery to the art of food styling. I will post a McLinky next Thursday evening in anticipation of all the great shots you all take. 


  1. omg!!that looks so good, i love chocolate cake with fresh raspberries, such a perfect combo.

    and your felting is brilliant chania - so clever. jx

  2. This looks amazing! I know my son and husband will love it! Thanks for the recipe!

    Kat :)

  3. Torture for me this early am...OMG that looks so decadent..Ok.. OK! I'll drag out the cake pan... as soon as I finish my ice

    Already copied and filed for future need..thanks sweetie

  4. this couldn't be more perfect Chania.
    My eldest, Lindsay, celebrates her birthday on Valentine's day.
    So Lindsay's Chocolate Cake will be her birthday cake!
    Thank you so much for this.

  5. Chania, I know you can't hear it, but my hands are clapping in response to the resumption of the Friday photo challenge - thank you for hosting it again. The other sound you can't hear is my stomach growling at the sight of that gorgeous cake. Looks delicious! Ann

  6. Yum! I'm having breakie at the moment but would like a piece of your cake! I'll be looking for good food shots to take this week :)

  7. My mouth is watering...I will definitely give this recipe a try...hope is looks and tastes as good as yours Chania.

  8. Chania, I think I will make this cake for my neighbors' valentines day. It looks yummy. I identify with the problem of having early postings that I feel probably no one read since back then I had so few followers. We hate to think of a perfectly nice post sitting out there in the etherland with no readers.
    Thanks for re posting this recipe.

  9. Oooo, this looks sooo good! And thanks for hosting the photo challenge again. Hmmm.... Food! My favorite topic....LOL Kit

  10. This cake looks enticing! I cna't wait to try it.

  11. I have to try this - it looks so yummy. Love your photos too.


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