Sunday, February 27, 2011

Colour Inspiration

I am so inspired by the colors of Mexico.....the turquoise sea, crystal white bubbly waves and weathered gray wood, the soft buff sand. I am mulling on a decorating scheme based on these vibrant hues, with a splash of bold red.  When you snap photos in the sunshine, the just turn out so much better.


  1. Amazing how just changing our scenery gives us a new perspective on almost everything else.

    You can clearly see that color has impacted you with a POW!

    Don't you wish you had kept the orange boots? : D


  2. Those colours are gorgeous. I love the photo of the breakers slooching over the lichen covered rock. Lovely!

  3. Those colors are one of my favorite color combos! That red flag infront ot the turquoise sea is fabulous. Love it!

  4. Gorgeous pictures Chania. The Good Lord sure knew exactly what color to make the water didn't he. I love those colors together. Always make me happy.

  5. Gorgeous photo's Chania! I love's my favorite place to holiday! Wish I was there right's much too cold here right now! ~Deb~

  6. Great pictures Chania! So refreshing just to look at them! Ann

  7. Your photos have inspired me Chania, truly gorgeous!

    Kat :)


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