Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Brother's Birthday

It is my eldest brother's birthday this week, and so I decided to prepare a celebration for him.  I wanted the theme of  the table to have a masculine feel, so I used these place mats in a hounds tooth gray and white which I find quite smart and manly.  I found some steel gray linen napkins for $1.25 each that looked wonderful with them.  I like any excuse to bring out the silver stag horn candlesticks...............
This vintage hotel ware plate tied in well with the is also dark gray and white...Salvation Army.
Then, I admit, any sense of masculinity went out the window because I couldn't resist using my new Tiffany Blue cake plate....I just couldn't.  A guy doesn't care about the plate anyway, as long there's a big chocolate cake underneath there.........
One the menu.....Beef tenderloin roasted with a dry mustard rub and Merlot and shallot gravy, garlic mash, oven roasted carrots, sweet corn and baby peas, followed with chocolate cake, raspberries and Chantilly cream.  We had my mama here to.....she does love a celebration with the table all done up.................


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    ..but I wanted to see the luscious cake :(


    Happy Valentines Day dear

  3. Great set-up! YUMMY MENU!! Love the Candle-stick and Placemats - which, BTW, is in "Hound's Tooth"... [and more *Manly* sounding] ;-]

  4. OH!! I forgot that CAKE PLATE!! Seriously Gorgeous!!

  5. Very grown up and indeed manly. Hope you had a wonderful time.

  6. What a lovely setting, full of chic gravitas! Well, chic flightiness in the case of the cake-plate.

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  8. looks so pretty...nothing like a well set table (i admit..i rarely do it..!)...thanks for sharing!

  9. Everything is just lovely! You have a lucky brother.

  10. wow - can I be your sister? I can't even think of the last time anyone put on a dinner like that for me! and all my favourites! love your cake plate - I'd be leaving that beauty out on display all the time! xo

  11. Hi Chania, such a wonderful dinner for your brother!!

    Love the Tiffany Blue Cake Plate!!

    I have a special Valentines.....

    Art by Karena

  12. Sounds divine! I bet is was delicious and pretty in a manly sort of way. I so wanted to lift that cover on the cake plate to see what was underneath.

  13. A birthday celebration FIT for a KING Chania....Your table looked DIVINE....Just the right amount of masculinity softened PERFECTLY with the pretty blue cake plate....!

    I bet your Brother enjoyed himself....!

    Tamarah :o)


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