Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GIVEAWAY CLOSED.......Mystery Item And a House Tour Part 1

This photo Dash and Albert Website.

I mentioned the other day that I have been helping my friend Lorraine with her house.  2 weeks ago she was really moaning because she felt like it was a Hodge Podge and nothing was working.  With 4 kids still living at home and 3 relatives from England on the way to stay, she asked me if I could re-arrange a few things to make it work.  I spent an afternoon there, bossing her family around and having them haul things from all over.  We decided her family room needed a rug, and ordered a big cotton stripey one from my store RAZMATAZ, perfect with her busy house and 2 large dogs.  This is my coffee table that I moved from my house the other day which went for a street walk to her house.
The Black sofas belong to her daughter and are leaving soon.  She has ordered another one from me that I will show you when it arrives.  A beautiful cotton velvet one in dark gray.  The fireplace was horrible builders yellow brick and they gave it a Slipcover in surround painted Farrow and Ball Off Black, combined with black marble.

I helped her bit with her kitchen design last year. I designed this wall, but originally it was to be installed over to the left.  Instead they took out a different wall allowing this gorgeous stove wall to go right here. This kitchen shows what you can do with IKEA components.  A little customization here and there and it is spectacular. 

1 ' x 6" subway tiles in white glass were used for the back splash.  That's my cup of tea waiting right there.

The dining room with a modern table, has beautiful chunky built in shelves to store all of her white dishes.

Her husband bricked this wall in the dining room with reclaimed brick from a Toronto University.

Looking the other way from the dining room to the kitchen.  Just beyond the kitchen is the family room.

Go pour that tea Girl................................. 

You may wonder what that THING is on the mantle to the left of the artwork (the fiber art piece I gave her last week).Well, that's a component of this giveaway.  You have to guess what it is...we found it at a flea market, but I do not think it is old.  People are curious but so far no one has guessed correctly.

A closer view................................................................Don;t you love that set of horns we found too.?

Closer still.....it looks great next to the art piece.....
One side.......
And the other........

Do you have any idea?  Here is the giveaway part.  I am giving away one of my Dash and Albert woven cotton rugs in a 4' x6' or a 2 1/2 ' x 8' runner to a lucky winner who gives it a try.  You can chose any cotton rug in either size.  Have a look at http://www.dashandalbert.com/ or from my site Razmataz.  My shop has Canadian pricing, (higher because of duties and shipping) but American shoppers can order from me and I will honor the US price list for you, should you wish to order from me in the future.


1. Leave a comment with your guess of the mystery item (1 entry)
2. Become a Follower (1 Entry)
3. Blog, tweet or Facebook this giveaway (1 entry for each)
4. You get a BONUS entry if you guess correctly.

The winner will be drawn on Saturday.  Good luck.                  House Tour Part 2 on Thursday.      


  1. well, that's too easy! that is a fungus or mushroom that was growing on the side of a tree. yours appears to be fossilized. i have a collection of those myself that i have collected from nature. i am proud to say that i already follow you, sweety.

  2. Hi chania, I've been a happy follower for a while now. I believe that the object is a shell of some sort possibly an oyster shell? I've been wanting one of these D&A's for I don't know how long and if I don't win I will eventually have to go to your shop!

  3. I've been following for a while. I think the object is a piece of a tree trunk.

  4. I looks to me like half of a brain of a large animal!


  5. I was going to guess a mushroom? I see someone else already guessed the same thing :)

  6. I love your friend's kitchen and that amazing brick wall. I'm a follower of course. Is it a fossilised mushroom (I thought that before I saw Erin's comment!). I am putting this on my facebook page now too :)

  7. Fungus. Fungus off an old stump or tree. That is my guess.

    Ya I did not read Erin's guess. They grow alot around here.

    Beautiful HOME>>>>very very cool.

  8. Oh, it's a fungus that grows on the sides of trees, I have several in my yard but that one is HUGE! Very cool natural element to bring in to your friend's beautiful home! I love Lorraine's kitchen and her whole house! You two make a good team I see!

    I also love Dash and Albert rugs! I have 2 very small ones and they are wonderful, so I would love the chance to win another! Thanks for this great giveaway!

    Kat :)

  9. I know what it is. When my children were growing up I always asked for one when they needed to get me a gift and had no money. I have several, I call them tree ears though I think there are several different names. They are all fungus growing out of the side of a tree. They are also called shelves. I did a blog entry on them and similar fungi.
    This was a great blog entry. I want that rug, am already a follower and will share your blog on Beyond My Garden's facebook page. thanks for the fun.

  10. Looks like a fossilized fungus from a tree to me.
    Great job on the living room Chania. That fireplace is stunning!
    Love the top pick of the dog too!

  11. A fungus from the side of a tree. It looks petrified.

  12. Hi Chania, I'm already a follower. My guess was a large funghi attached to a tree. Seems we all think that? So I'm very curious now! :)
    That kitchen is absolutely stunning!

  13. i have to agree with the others--tree funghi. I have never seen one so large though...

    already a follower!

    and am using ikea cabinets in a kitchen makeover as well!

  14. Hi, My guess before reading the comments was a fungi also. Now I'm stumped! I've been enjoying your blog and the spottings of pyrex bowls! --Beth Kreider

  15. I also think it's tree fungus, but I'll be a bit more specific. I think it's Tinder or hoof fungus. It's botanical name is Fomes fomentarius.

  16. Oh man!! FINGERS and toes CROSSED :D

    Is the mystery item a mushroom? A petrified mushroom?

    I'm already a follower.

    What a beautiful house she has. I love the brick in the kitchen.

  17. I'm guessing that is a bracket fungus.
    I"m a follower.
    I"m posting your giveaway on my sidebar.

    I adore Dash and Albert rugs so would love to win - great giveaway. GReat house your friend has as well.

  18. Just catching up now- I thought it was a fungus too, sure looks like hoof tinder fungus

    Working back to backs to backs- catch up soon. : ( Belated Valentine wishes, and yessirre been following you for ages. : D



  19. What a fantastic kitchen! I'm sold on Ikea kitchens now :) Love that brick wall too with the cupboards below.
    The mystery object is one of those fungus thingies that grow on tree trunks. I remember seeing a collection of them on someone else's blog!

  20. I love those rugs, and I'm going with the giant petrified mushroom. Painting the fire surround swings the house into fabulous.

  21. adore the kitchen...lovely. just wanted to let you know that i've passed along an award to you.


    stuff and nonsense

  22. I guess petrified wood.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. Oh, and I follow on gfc

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  24. I think it is a piece of fungus that grows on a tree. I see them all the time here on the west coast! What a great idea!

    I am a follower and I LOVE the black and ivory diamond rug!

    Fingers crossed!

  25. Your friend must be so thrilled with what you've done, Chania. It's really lovely - your cup of tea is well deserved! I don't want to be entered for the giveaway. I just love what you do.

  26. Hi Chania,
    I'm already a follower of your lovely blog.
    My first thought was that it's part of a stalagtite or stalagmite from a cave but having read all the other comments I guess it's some kins of fungus.
    I would love to win this giveaway as we don't have Dash and Albert in the UK and I love thir rugs. I'm happy to cough up for the shipping costs too!

  27. oh this is fun!
    I think it's a gigantic tree fungus. And I'm already a follower of your lovely blog! One of these rugs would look great to switch out the wool one in my kitchen area and give the space some pizzazz. xo

    Beautiful home and I love what you've done to spruce things up! And you're right - IKEA kitchens really can look fantastic when you add your own special touch. :)

  28. Hi, I have been following your blog for a while & I love it. I think that object is lichen - at first I thought it was fossilized coral but the back looks like it grew out in stages. I sure hope you will ship to Australia because I really need a rug!
    Mrs BC

  29. Hi Chania. How would have thought that fungus would make such a great decorative element? I have quite a few similar ones on the rainforest down in our creek, but never thought to use them like this. Genius. Of course, I'm already a follower, and would love to be entered into your fab giveaway. Thanks for hosting! K x

  30. I'm a follower. It's a big fungus off of a tree isn't it!

  31. 2nd entry. Still a tree fungus I suspect.

  32. Oh my.... I think it's a fossilized mushroom.... I can't figure out why it looks familiar in some odd way... It does look cool on the mantle though, doesn't it?

    I'm a follower...

    Warm blessings,

  33. Ok - I'll agree with everyone else and say tree fungus. I'm following. Love Dash and Albert but don't own one sadly. I love the one you chose for Lorraine and her kitchen is gorgeous!

  34. 1. I think it is a fungus. Looks great on the mantle.
    2. I am a follower
    3. I facebooked about this giveaway.

    I love dash and albert rugs. Thank you for such a great giveaway.

    gfmom3 at gmail.com

  35. It's definitely some kind of fossilized fungus, What a find! And I love Dash and Albert rugs- I own two small ones by my kitchen door and sink but would love one for upstairs!

  36. Hi, This is a conk. The fungus is sometimes called a shelf conk or shelf conk bracket. Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway and I am following.


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