Saturday, February 5, 2011

Look What I found on Facebook!...And a Reminder about my CSN giveaway.

I think this is my son's engagement picture.....but I wouldn't know for sure because I don't have one.  I had to creep his Facebook to get it.!!!!!!  Taken in the Old Port, Montreal.

I think I have spoken to them 10 times a day all week long.  They are putting in a new kitchen themselves.  I did their plans for them, but have been playing designer from afar, trying to deal with the hundred and ones questions that occur when building a kitchen, and the 50 little things I keep remembering to tell them to do...add a 2 x 4 behind the over-fridge cabinet to make it flush with the fridge.....use cover panels all a wine rack in that leftover 6 inch space.....and so on and so on....

One thing that I have discovered in Designing for people, is there is ALWAYS a moment of panic, disappointment and fear.  Sometimes all three.  Always temporary, but always there.  This usually happens when the first coat of new paint goes up, the floor is down and it looks too dark/light....the new sofa looks so much bigger/ smaller than the old one.  Always BEFORE the job is anywhere near being finished.  It is not like the design shows make it look, when the homeowner arrives home to a completely finished room.  In real life the client is usually around from the get go, sometimes many times a day.  They see things raw, unfinished, and far from the complete picture.  As things progress and they can see the whole thing come together and make sense, then they start to settle down, trust in you and frequently apologize for their angst.

 In this case, the new position for the fridge blocks the view into the kitchen to allow a view of the stove wall (now a feature wall with a beautiful range hood and glass fronted cabinets each side.)  Well, this was a kitchen where you had to choose the lesser of 2 evils since it was so small and had doors and windows on three sides, including a fire escape that couldn't be blocked.  I chose to build out the fridge and have it on the entrance side, so it doesn't have to sit side by side to the stove.  The issue now being you can't see right into the kitchen from the adjacent room.  I think the issue here is what they have become accustomed to looking at, and now their sight line has changed.  Give them a week and they'll forget about it.....SIGH....

This is  the sight line in question. This panel that the broom leans against covers the fridge.  It is 30" deep compared to the base cabinet previously there which was 24".  A big difference in a practically empty room and what the eye is used to seeing.  Once the stove and hood and backsplash etc go in, the depth and dimension all come into play.  Empty tooms look smaller.  Once it is finished, it will not be an issue.

I suggested that they panel it out like this kitchen belonging to a friend of mine.  Yes, it is prominent, but allows for a nice custom entrance and a glimpse into the lovely kitchen beyond.

So GET USED TO IT QUICK, my loves.....

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  1. Any type of remodel is full of compromises since you have to work around things you can't change. I think their fridge issue is so minor and once it's trimmed out and the kitchen is complete, they'll wonder why they fussed so much about it. It can always be a nice spot to hang art as well.
    have a fab weekend! :)

  2. Trying to email you and mail administrator is bouncing it back to me three times... ARGH!

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  4. Oh the memories of kitchen renos :S We have a panel just like in the photo of your friend's kitchen and I actually have really come to love how it looks. I am sure that their kitchen will turn out so wonderfully and they will love it! I love that photo too, so romantic! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far, Chania ~ Txx

  5. I love your new font! And yes I completely understand the angst and second guessing that goes along with renovating! I had a few panic moments followed by phone calls to my cabinetmaker where he talked me off the ledge! I love the engagement photo and know that the kitchen will be wonderful when all is said and done!

    Kat :)

  6. The engagement photo is perfect. See that you get one.

  7. Great font. The photo of those two is so romantic and full of joy♥

  8. That's a beautiful photo Chania.
    ...and speaking of Facebook (we were weren't we?) I watched the Social Network last night. I was so upset, I de-activated my Facebook account. My kids think I'm over-reacting, but I need to mull on it for a while.
    Love your new 'blog' look BTW!


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