Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hand Beaded Purses

A number of you were interested in the little beaded purses I had hanging on my wall.  I thought you may like a closer look.  My ex-sister in law made these years ago.  They are only about 1-1 /2" high, so you can appreciate how intricate the work is. I love how she tackled the fringe with the larger beads. I was hoping she would throw a couple more my way, but she tells me she longer does this kind of beading....you need to have young eyes and hands.
You can see here how tiny the beads are.  I would have to wear 10 x magnifyers to do this kind of work.
This one has slightly bigger beads.  She intended them as necklaces, but I felt like I should be wearing some kind of robes when I tried them on, so I prefer them hanging in my wall. It's art designing and creating these.


  1. Very pretty!
    A friend used to make these and sell them at my mom's jewellery store!
    I never seen anyone else make them before.

  2. They are works of art whether worn as a necklace or hung on a wall. Just beautiful, thanks for the close up look! Ann

  3. I have a 'thing' for tiny purses Chania & these are BEAUTIFUL....It's a shame your ex-sister in law feels she is no longer able to make them....!!

    Tamarah :o)


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