Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friday Photo Challenge-food

Easily recognizable....The Cadbury's Flake........................................................

I tried to get another shot of it.......but it was a bit ellusive...................................................

Hello Everyone,  Thank you for joining us for the Friday Photo Challenge.  When polled a few weeks ago, a lot of you indicated that you would still like to continue, so here we are.  This week the theme was food.  Photographing food is very challenging.  When I look at great food shots, they are usually very close up, often have a backdrop of sorts, and I know from reading about the food styling industry, food can be sprayed, poked, waxed, brushed and prodded to make it look good in a photo. 

I stopped at my favourite butcher today to buy a few things, and that darn fellow has to stock English Bits....hence the Flake which I added to my purchases because I knew had assigned Homework.   When I was just going through the shots, I noticed the wrapper said "South Africa" not "England".  I did sample it to see if there was a difference and there was.  You British Expats will know what I mean.  Cadbury's chocolate made in the UK tastes very different from Cadbury's made in Australia, Poland or the USA (manufactured by Hershey's)  The milk in different countries tastes different so it make sense.

Next week I am in Mexico, so I am going to pick a topic that I think I can get a good shot of. TEQUILA.
No sorry...the challenge for next week is PEOPLE.  According to my photography teacher, you can photograph people in any public place without permission, however if you are asked not to, or asked to remove a photo, you are obligated by decency to do so. I picked this subject because people are difficult for me (and maybe others) to photograph.  I wanted the challenge. You don't see many people shots on blogs other than fashion blogs. When you take your shot, try and capture something that makes that person(s) stand out, the interactions, the nuance.  So get people watching and see who you find.  Next Challenge Date Friday the 25th February.

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  1. Never knew this is also exported to Canada. Is it because of all the South Africans who live there now. I wonder.

    Most likely more sugar in there too. A robust thick all over your mouth feeling. Is how I will describe the Cadbury chocolate made in South Africa. Many people here does not like the good European chocolates, the taste is too subtle.

    Oh, those little elephants!

    Your photo almost drove me to lick the screen.

  2. I didn't come up with anything good or the food challenge. Mr is away so I haven't been doing much in the kitchen.
    I agree with you about how the choc tastes so different depending on where it is made. We have a Cadbury factory up the river from us. They used to do great tours but no more thanks to OHS. Oh well. The good old days :)

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  4. Sorry Chania, won't be participating this week...have been a tad busy!
    I did consider photographing Lindsay's "meal" at the hospital, but thought that was just too depressing LOL!
    I'll be back next week.

  5. Ah, flake, my favourite chocolate. And that's interesting about the milk being different - I find American chocolate so malty whenever I try it, and wonder what they and you think of ours.

  6. Delicious shot and the plate is so pretty too. I was unable to rise to the photo challenge this week, but next week will be on vacation and have ample opps for people shots! Ann

  7. I love chocolate, I don't care where it's from,hehe.

  8. Only for you would I type one letter at a -

    Coveting your plate BIG time!


  9. I love your food photos...I tried to enter...and did "twice" neither very good as a photo; could you please delete for my #8 as #9 at least does link to my small post.

    Just got my camera for Christmas trying to find a free online Photography Class.

    The pie sure was prettier than the photo...but daughter has it now...


  10. eek...i have never won any giveaways before so this is doubly exciting...thanks so much!

    although it was hard to choose, i picked the 4x6 woven cotten birmingham black and cream striped is the link

    it will look lovely in my black and cream kitchen.

    thanks again,

    stuff and nonsense

  11. Yum! This photo challenge linky sounds like fun. I've been wanting to photograph people and have read where others have challenged themselves to do it. My problem is I live in a small town, don't get out of it often. But, I may still try to see what I could come up with.


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