Thursday, March 31, 2011

DO You Think He IS HOT!!!! American IDOl, Steven Tyler and Blogging Ettiquette..

Until he became a judge on American Idol, I had barely noticed Steven Tyler.  But wow, I think he's gorgeous.  I think on IDOL, he is sweet and charming and kind, and encouraging and has a great SMILE and I love his crazy hair and feathered braids, beads, flashy shirts, chains, belts.....the whole thing.  IS it just me because I am turning 50, or does anyone else think he's hot stuff?

And How about IDOL.  Do you watch?  Do you have a favourite?  I love the show.  I like raw talent, although it doesn't take long for them to be IDOL-Ized and lose their freshness.  So at the risk of upsetting the Apple Cart, here are my takes on the current top 11.  Feel free to chime in here.

Scotty - Although I think this guy does the "country" thing well, to me it lacks authenticity.  I feel like he is play acting at being a Country Singer.  Are you a Singer or an Actor SCOTTY ??He needs to- _ _ _ _ or get off the pot.

Pia -Perfect in every way.  The judges love her. She's gorgeous and sings beautifully.  I want to see her be vulnerable NOT PERFECT.  Wear jeans and you hair in a pony and dance Girl, dance.

Paul. LOVED Paul on the first few weeks, but he deflated this week and last.  I like the way he moves, so maybe he needs to put down the guitar and get tangled up in his dance and song again.

James I think this guy has talent, is very entertaining and would be good as a warm up act for a bigger band, but I am getting a bit ticked with his ego. Steven said something people didn't really get this week about "overstaying his welcome" and I think he was referring to the endless bows and kisses and bows he takes after he thinks he does really well for himself. Be HUMBLE Boy.

Jacob Lovely he a front man or a back up singer?

Naima  The lovely fluctuating Naima seems to be trying too hard to be something that she either is or isn't.  She looks fab with her African inspired outfits she wears to rehearsal, then she dons some garb with the Jamaican flag and pushes Elton to be Reggae and she seems to lose her Authenticity.  I like her.  I want to see the real her.

Lauren Not sure if she has made an impact yet...

Hailey She fun and REAL and sexy and uber talented.  Yes I would pay money to see her perform in a club.

Stephano BEAUTIFUL VOICE.  I want to see him in Musicals not IDOL.

Thia  So young and fresh...not going to win, but has many years to hone her craft.  I thought she was great last night.

Casey  I think I needed saving after the drama of his save last week.  At first I thought he was different and interesting and true to himself. I Liked HIM.  But over the weeks, I am not digging him anymore.  And that drama over the judges saving him, seemed way over the TOP.  Did you think he was going to vomit.????  Was that all real?

And now for something completely different.  Susan from oldgreymare has an interesting post today on Blogger etiquette with respect to bumping your blog up the ladder on the blog roll.  I completely agree with her and think it bad manners to do so.  You can read what Suzan had to say HERE
Painting by Sherri Ward.


  1. I think Steven Tyler just turned 63yo. He has an amazing plastic surgeon.

  2. I'm turning 70 ~ he is totally HOT!

    I am a faithful viewer - every season. Here are my views on the Idol hopefuls.

    Casey - not worth the save and yes he almost threw up .. with a few f-bombs in there for good measure which got bleeped out on the West Coast.

    Scotty - I love his voice but if he can't perform any other musical style it could hurt him.

    Pia - is perfection .. the total package.

    James - my favorite!

    Naima - so very unique and has a great future.

    Stephano - can't win but has nice voice.

    Lauren - is coming into her own, I like her.

    Haley - I love the lilt in her voice, don't want to see her leave too soon.

    Jacob - way too broadway/opera for Idol.

    Paul - not impressed with him, though he's nice to look at.

    Thea - needs to go, way too young for all of this.

    See you later.

  3. AS you know I rarely watch "popular" programs including this one but I so understand and endorse having a favorite show that provides enjoyment and creates discussion.

    My only shameful sin is watching GH and my once upon a time SIL and I secretly share our opinions all the time about our friends at General Hospital. Did I just publicly admit to watching that? oh no!


    BTW I think his daughter Liv is gorgeous and yeah he has a certain something....and their big lips are

  4. He is VERY HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Only reason I am watching American Idol... loving his comments and expressions!!!

  5. I love Steven Tyler for many reasons. He has overcome much in his lifetime and I've always been a fan of his music, which is pure, raw, and always great to paint or dance around your living room to!!! Although he's really not my type, I find him someone that I would love to just hang out with. He is "real" and those are the most fascinating and attractive people on the planet in my opinion.

    I don't watch Idol, but I loved reading your take on the contestants. I do pop in from time to time so it will give me a new perspective if I catch one of the shows.

    And that blog roll thing drives me insane...enough already!

    Kat :)

  6. Oh Chania Yes, I LOVE Steven Tyler!
    I have to say that I have never listened to his music or know anything about him...but since his appearance on AI I think he is just lovely.
    63! rock on Steven!
    Not sure who my favourite is on AI yet! I keep missing the sing off and only catch the vote off! darn it.
    As for the blog roll thing...not sure what that is all about, I'll check out Susan's post.

  7. I don't watch American Idol (want to though and need to TiVo it). I saw your post on Lulu's sidebar and had to drop by... Steven Tyler has always been hot. Ever seen him sing with that microphone tied with scarves just dancing around with it? ~ So hot.

  8. Hey Chania....!

    NOPE re Steven Tyler....I'm more a Robert Downey Jr kinda gal....hahahahaha....Either way....Both of 'em are TROUBLE I reckon.... :o) !!

    We USED to get Idol US down here but not any more....I LOVED the first few years though....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  9. LOVE STEVEN! Hes just so amazing!

    I like hailey shes my favorite this season!


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