Friday, March 11, 2011


I have a friend called Chickie.  Her dad named her Brenda after her mother, which was confusing.  One of 8 girls, she was being bathed as a baby, when one sister noted that she looked like a little Chickie in the bathtub.  And there it was.  Chickie.  Her new name.  I didn't even know her name wasn't Chickie until a couple of years ago.  Anyway, getting to the point, I am going to Chickie's Birthday dinner tonight, and in keeping with my other posts on my Gift Wrap Embargo (read them HERE and HERE, I thought I would show you my gift and presentation of.

Chickie is from Quebec.....and as a true French Canadian, she LOVES food.  But she hates to cook.  She actually doesn't cook.  So why am I giving her a cookbook?  Because her husband is a wonderful cook and cooks for her, and I thought she could peruse this fabulous book and tell him what she would like him to cook for her.....a perfect plan.  She is so NOT into cooking, she once asked me why The Barefoot Contessa cooking shows on TV (her husband watches the food channel) were always titled "In a Garden", but she was always in the kitchen.  I had to point out that the Barefoot Contessa's real name was Ina Garten, and she was not In a Garden..........that French translation maybe.

Along with the book, I am giving her this tea towel that I bought at POSH in Chicago.  It has something written on it in French, and I am hoping it isn't rude, because there will be several French Quebecois tonight at the dinner and I don't speak French or know what this says.

It took 2 minutes to wrap the book in the towel, tie it with paper twine like you would tie a chicken, and attach a gift tag. I made a big stack of these last week so I have loads on hand.  I wrapped the twine around a pencil to give the ends a little twirl.

Joyeux Anniversaire Mon Ami................................................................................................................


  1. Wonderful I think Chickie will be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift.

  2. How thoughtfully sweet of you...I know I would LOVE to get that as a gift! It is way more charming than any store bought wrap...I love this wrap series you're doing...I'm getting so many great ideas. :)
    have a lovely weekend ~

  3. Are you part Japanese Chania???

  4. Wish it was my birthday and that was MY gift!

  5. Fabulous present and wonderful wrapping...who wouldn't want something like that! Even if the words on the cloth are rude :) {not that I'd know!}

  6. What a great gift. Who wouldnt want a book from Ina Garten. I know you will have an amazing time.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  7. Jacqueline, I was born in Kenya, but am a Brit through and through.

  8. I think you tea towel says something like "wash hands". I love it and love your little tags. I've got to makes some.

  9. Wash your hands it is! :D

    i love her Back to Basics Book, but don't have this one. I'll have to check it out..


  10. I say she would love it!I love Ina who doesn't?!

  11. I love your wrapping. I'd love to received a gift like that (and I don't cook either - my husband does it all!).
    Your towel is a 'hand towel' - nothing rude!
    Hope she likes it!

  12. Beautiful, thoughtful gift. I love it.

  13. I think the question about being part Japanese comes from the way you wrapped the gift .. We have Japanese members of our family and nothing is just wrapped and given, the wrapping alone is a beautiful gift.
    I would also love the cookbook and the person to do the cooking. My husband does now and then but I prefer someone daily :)

  14. I love the way you have create this wrapping!!! It is a gift itself!!!

  15. Happy birthday to Chickie Brenda. Have a lovely birthday dinner with them both. I think Chickie and her husband will be delighted with the cookery book!

  16. That's so much nicer than commercial gift-wrap, and again I admire your beautiful tags. And thank you for your book recommendations - I must redress the underrepresentation of Canada on my bookshelves.

  17. Hi Chania, I just found your gorgeous blog! Oh my! What a delightful post. I love the "wrapping paper" and the twine and ribbon and tag.
    Your choice of gift would make anyone happy! Ina is such a consistant and not complicated chef.This cookbook is on my wish list. As a matter of fact, I am making Ina's signature meal- roast chicken this week. YUMMY!

    Each element of the package is a gift in itself!
    So nice to find you!


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