Friday, March 25, 2011

A Birthday Packet

We seem to have a lot of celebrations in the Spring.  On Friday night we have a party to go to for our friend Barry's birthday.  Another gift to wrap.  Still boycotting gift wrap, so I had to get creative on this one.  Now Barry is an Irish bloke, so I themed his wrapping around the Celtic Cross

With mostly Christmas and Girly wrapping in my recycling, I had to make do with what was lying around.  Given that he is a Fashionista, always smartly dressed, I bought him a couple of pairs of gorgeous man socks.  Don't you love when a man exposes a peek of fabulous socks?

1. Take a good sturdy paper bag from the bookstore or similar.  2. Cut off it's bottom.  3. Fill it with paper Bits from the shredder. 4. Punch a line of holes with your 3 hole punch. 5. Stamp it with a rubber stamp and ink  6. Add your gift and tie it up.  SEE NO TAPE.

I laced  it up like a corset Jean Paul Gaultier style,  with a nice ribbon.  I added a Gift tag with a Celtic Cross.  ET Voila!.  A pack of Guinness and new socks.  What more could an Irish Dude wish for on his birthday?


  1. WOW!, that looks great, and yes I do love it when a man has fashion on his feet.

    Looks like you don't use tape either,how creative you are.

    Have a great time at the Birthday Party and tell Barry to have a wonderful blessed life,from your bloggy bud's.

  2. Such a creative way to present a present! I love it. And I love how your tags match the stamping too. Where do you find all these great stamps? Kit

  3. Oh my,

    Your blog is simply beautiful.

    I am so glad that I just found it.

    Sunbonnet Cottage

  4. I wish I had your flare...I just know, even if I followed your instructions to the 'T', my version just wouldn't look as good.
    But, I'm definitely going to give it a try!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Another A++

    So very classy- love the socks :D


  6. That's amazing. Beautiful job!

  7. The ideas are getting better and better! Love this one and what a great friend you are! Enjoy yourselves ~

  8. LUCKY guy...great gift & fab tag!

  9. you are simply so creative, love your idea. Have a great time at the party, Lori

  10. Perfect present and perfect gift wrapping Chania! It looks fabulous, I bet it will be a huge hit!! ~ xx

  11. What a great wrapping idea! And who doesn't love a guy with stylish feet? :)

  12. Chania Love I ADORE your gift wrapping ideas & YES....Makes a NICE change to see a stylish sock peeking out from a fella's pants.... :o) !!

    I BET your THOUGHTFUL gift was WELL received....!!

    Tamarah :o)


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