Friday, February 26, 2010

Narrowing it down to 7 things.

I was tagged by a new blogging pal Tina(and winner of my giveaway)today over at Rubies Place. You can click here to visit.
I have to tell you seven things about myself.  It is so hard to think of things to say about yourself, but I will give it a try. Here goes.

1.  I was born in Nairobi Kenya, left when I was 6. In Kenya we lived in a railway car for a month. A snake killed my cat, the African kids threw stones at me on the way to school, I almost drowned swimming in the Indian ocean when I was 5, my grandmother owned a donkey called Semolina and a shot gun, monkeys ate our tea, we slept under mosquito nets, we had a "houseboy", elephants would block the road, a pole snatcher stole my blankets. And that's all I remember of Kenya before we took a long boat ride to England.

2. I lived in England for 6 years.  My relatives are all English.  My mum managed on her own with the 4 of us while my dad worked in Saudi Arabia. We never knew my dad's family although they lived in Nottingham, we were not allowed contact. It was one of my lifes goals to find them. I found them all via the Internet in 2008(10 siblings) almost 60 years after he left home at 17. They are mostly in the UK and Australia. They are lovely. I wish I had had them growing up.

3.  I moved to Canada when I was 12.  I was a big nerd and teased a lot about my British accent which I promptly lost. I met my husband in high school at 16 and married him and had kids in my early 20's.  My son is 24 and is in commercial real estate and lives in Montreal.  He has a wonderful GF who I adore.  My daughter is 22, a makeup artist and hairdresser and she lives 10 minutes away. I don't feel British, Kenyan or Canadian really.

4. I used to be a Medical Office Administrator which is the new name for Secretary.  I worked for a family physician who got arrested for billing fraud and the police raided the office and I had to go to court.  I then went to work for, as my kids used to say "the bum doctor" and worked for a rectal surgeon. Rectal surgery was not at all what it was cracked up to be, so I made a move to Orthopaedic Oncology where I worked for the most incredible but somewhat crazy (I mean that in the nicest way) surgeon who performed limb salvage surgery (adults and kids).  Sadly he died tragically at 48.  I went back to college at 45 and got my diploma in Interior Decorating. I got straight A's in college after being a pittiful student all my life.

5.  I am a self employed Interior Decorator about to open an online shop of vintage housewares and home goods, a collector but not a hoarder.  I have about 30 collections (keep checking the blog, I am sure you will eventually see them all).  I challenged myself to read a book a week for 2010, but have only read 4 so far.  I try to read Canadian Authors as I believe in supporting the Canadian arts. I like to shop at flea markets, not malls. If you were to buy me a bithday gift, it should be old, worn ,tarnished and battered.

6. I love my Gracie dog, Hannah cat and miss my Mooch boy who died of leukemia.  I love, love, love to cook and bake and love Ina Garten and wish I had met Julia Child. For a treat for my daughters 8th birthday she asked for a store bought cake!
  If I didn't decorate I would open a cafe.  With vintage cups and flowery dishes with homemade buttertarts and organic tomato soup. I set my table with vintage linens and old dishes. I am organized but not tidy.  If I was vacuuming and found a Smartie under the sofa, I would so eat it.

7.  I am a late bloomer.  I didn't get my hair right until last year, struggle with my weight, my mind jumps from here to there and I have so many things on the go but not completed.  I do fiber art making hand made felt, would love to learn to paint, love my little cottage and my garden. I found my confidence last year and myself too.  Oh... and I was named after a waterfall in Nairobi called Chania Falls.  It is pronounced Chania like Taunya, but with a ch.

That's it.  7 things you didn't know before.


  1. That's more than 7 things Chania! But I don't care because I loved reading all about you. What an interesting life! I can identify with the late bloomer part, finding your confidence late in life. Me too. The kids had to grow up for that. Glad you went back to school to study interior design. I hope to someday too. As far as reading goes, I too am an avid reader and want to almost create another blog for reading. I'm glad I'm a follower and look forward to reading more of your blog and seeing all of your collections. --Delores
    PS: All of my relatives are from Canada but moved to the US in the 30's....

  2. Chania!! I now know why I have clicked so much with you we have so many interests the same. I love handmaking felt, my cottage, still haven't gotten my hair right, we both met our husbands young,I adore Ina Garten and Julia Child, love china, I could go on... These were 7 amazing things about you ~ thank you so much for sharing them. Your childhood sounds amazing if not a little difficult and sad ...I am so happy you have found all of your Dad's relatives! Your children sound amazing! I am so glad that you did so well in your studies, it really does so much for your self-confidence and you are obviously born to be an interior designer as your own home is just beautiful! I LOVE your sense of humour and laughed out loud at parts of your point 4. Mostly I am just so happy to have met you via this world of blogging:) Hope you have a marvelous weekend ~ Tina x

  3. It was really great to read all about you. You've had a very interesting and colorful life to be sure.
    I love your blog with all it's fresh ideas in the form of old things.


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