Sunday, February 14, 2010


I can find so many uses for a simple silver tray.  I use them all around the house to corral bits and pieces.  This one found a home on my bedroom dresser to stash all of my jewelry and perfume and things I seem to just toss there.
All of my bits and baubles

"lovely" perfume and my vintage clock

........are much prettier gathered together

I use large serving trays... a bar tray

..This gorgeous oval tray looks wonderful in my bathroom make a good spot to set down your earrings or a watch

For more gorgeous silver check out


  1. Gorgeous trays! Just the right amount of tarnish on them!

    I love how you put them to use!

    ♥ Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I love silver trays and have quite a few myself -- I especially like the galleried ones -- I have them from size tiny up to size giant! They are so handy to coral things! Love using the bread tray in the bath -- an inspiring idea!

  3. Well I love all your bits and bob from the trays to that vintage clock which is adorable. I think you will have a few envious ppl with that Tiffany's pouch!! Have a great Valentine's Day .. Julie

  4. I'm with you! It's fun to gather things on a small tray. I have them sitting all over my house holding various things from salt and pepper in the kitchen to petite frames in bedrooms, to vases of flowers, . . .
    Thanks for sharing your pretty trays that "corral" things in your home.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you! ~ Sarah

  5. ooooh, the oval is my favorite! Solver trays are my new thing I hunt for when I go thrifting.

  6. Very pretty silver! My favorite is the round tray with the raised sides (kind of like something I am showing today).

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Chania, what beautiful trays and what a beautiful way to use them!

    I read your profile and had to chuckle . . . I'm from Alberta, Canada and now live in the US, but I wished I lived in England! Almost two peas in a pod are we! LOL!

    Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Silver Sunday . . . Happy Valentine's Day too!


  8. Just gorgeous!!!!! Love your trays.
    Thanks for paticipating....see you next month!
    {{Gypsy Valentine hugs}}

  9. Very Pretty Collection ~ Love the Tray with the cut work sides.....
    Have a Wonderful Week


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