Saturday, February 13, 2010


No, this is NOT IT.  I was browsing kitchens today when I cam across this one by Smallbone of Devizes in the UK.  I got the same feel from this that I am starting to get from Simon's kitchen project. 

Here's a peek at the going's on over at Simon's

Oh those iconic red knobs of a Wolf stove.  Sigh........I told you I would have stove envy this week.  Some of the appliances are in, the rest to go this coming week.  
Base cabinets and uppers are in, range hood partially installed.  The gorgeous Wolf cooktop is in place.

Here you can see the wall ovens are in, plus the fridge is up and running although the door panel is not on yet.  Instead of an awkward corner cupboard that really wasn't in keeping with the contemporary feel of this kitchen, they opted to box in the corner and paint it out in a black matte finish.  Very smart idea as I think as the lines need to be kept simple, and that would be lost if they did a corner unit.
View of the built in commercial fridge.

Next week, the island will be doing in, plus the dishwashers.  The cabinet doors are going to be walnut, which is one of my all time favourites for a kitchen door.  Take a look at the gorgeous kitchens from Smallbone of Devizes in the UK ,especially the one they call Walnut and Silver.

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