Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Giveaway and Interview with Maria from Dreamy Whites

My new website is coming very soon. Image from istockphoto.com (paid for)

I just wanted to remind everyone of my giveaway.  You have only until Wednesday at noon to enter as I am travelling next week and want to get it mailed before I go. If you have not already entered, you can see the details here. Razmataz Giveaway

If you missed my Sunday post you will want to go here to read my interview with Maria from the blog Dreamy Whites.  Read the interview and clink on the link provided and you will see why.  She has the most remarkable house.


  1. Well hello there....just found your amazing blog and am soooooo happy I did!!! I am in Canada to in Ontario,so few of us blog! I love your taste...and I laughed when I saw your bottle of SJP Lovely,its the only frag. I wear! Anyway,I will be back often,all the best Chrissy

  2. Thanks for keeping us up to date - I have been so busy I didnt get to switch over yet so your nudge this morning was a big help :O) I have this blog in my faves so I can get it into my blogroll the next time I have 3 minutes to myself lol!

  3. thanks and best of luck with the new site!


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