Thursday, February 18, 2010


(Please note that the giveaway starts on Monday when I am posting on Maria from Dreamy Whites.  You need to check back on Mondays post and sign up then)  Thanks

 After doing several of these Friday posts on my various collections, I am wondering if I am becoming a hoarder.  I seem to be having no problem coming up with more and more "bits" that seem to be becoming collections.

 Another passion I have is Vintage Linens....
.....I particularly love red and white linens...

.....with Pink and White not far behind....

...pale, pale, pink tea towel with hand embroidery....

..this French Yellow piece is going to become a pillow case for a big fat feather pillow for the hammock...

....nothing is simpler and fresher than white Irish Linen

I bought a set of 8 of these for my daughter who just moved into her first place and has a love of all things vintage......

....and these 6 monogrammed beauties can be yours.  I am giving them away on Monday.  You can read more about my giveaway here.


  1. GEE!! At last I'm the fist one leaving a comment. I adore linens, my son wrote on an old tablecloth with a pen! once i got rid of a stain with hair spray hopefully it will work again.Anyways please enter my name in the hat, I would love to win!

  2. I love vintage linens and you have some beauties!

  3. What a wonderful giveaway - how can you part with those??? I would dearly love to win them please count me in.

  4. I adore vintage linens! Beautiful!

  5. These are beautiful linens. Thanks for sharing

  6. Lovely linens! Too beautiful to use. The red and white ones are my favorites too.

  7. These are very pretty, I love linens also and will be checking your blog, I find it interesting to know you come from such a different place and ended up in Canada. You are a journey in life is nice.



  8. Those are so pretty, I had to laugh at your comment about wondering if you're becoming a hoarder lol.

  9. I love all sorts of linens too. Yours are lovely. Lia


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