Thursday, February 11, 2010


Rosie Daykin has long been a favourite designer of mine. Her rooms are very livable, simple and attainable. She uses mostly neutrals, lots of white and hits of fresh vivid color. This is her daughter's bedroom.  Love the poofs.

This is her own living room.  What a great fireplace!  So simple but with all that gorgeous marble.  That "thing" on the floor to the left is a cat scratching post/cat house made of natural fibers.

The built-ins blend seamlessly on that back wall leaving the beautiful wood to be showcased.  That pop of yellow is all this room needs.

So why am I showing baked goods and marshmallows?  Rosie has now opened a bakery "Butter Baked Goods" in Vancouver.

This photo of Rosie Daykin in her bakeshop is a real feast for my eyes.  Look at all that vintage cabbage rose wallpaper and the milk glass cakestands and the pretty cake boxes.  Wow!

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  1. Love the photo of Rosie in her bakery. If it weren't so far I would run right over.


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