Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last week I found myself in a "house funk".  I was tired of everything and nothing seemed to be just right, or finished.  I moved the living room chairs into the den, back to the living room twice.  My house is quite dark, so I need to bring in light things to keep it from feeling heavy.
My look and my house lean towards cottage style.  This black console with the old scrubbly white frame above, although a beautiful piece, somehow was throwing off the balance of the room and gave it a heaviness. 

 Last year I found this old pine cabinet for $75.00 at a second hand shop. It fits so well in this spot and holds a ton of books.  The blanket you can see on the 1st shelf have become a favourite spot for Hannah Cat.

I also changed out the rug from a dark crimson Indian rug to a nubby Jute one that I pick up 75% off.  It was only $49.00.  I know the rule of rugs is they are supposed to go all the way under the front legs of the sofa and facing chairs, but that size rug in my house encroaches on the fireplace surround and interferes with the french doors closing. 

On the other side of the fireplace is my blonde Sarah Richardson "Coco" Chair which balances out the blonde cabinet on the other side.  Still looking for a small cabinet or dresser to go on this wall.....but I cannot find the perfect piece. I have tried about 6 things here and none work.....Overall I am really liking the change.  I have stopped moving the furniture for now...


  1. It looks amazing to me! Wish I could get a look like that. You have so much talent. I love reading about what you're doing and seeing all the great pictures. It's very inspiring.

  2. I found your site from Hodge Podge friends connect. I love the new console in the living room. Your house looks so calm and relaxed. I am just beginning to re-decorate my Bungalow and feel overwhelmed by all the choices. It helps to see what others do. I want to go lighter, but something is stopping me. Any advice you might have for me would be appreciated.
    Take care,

  3. Oh Chania, your living room is stunning!! I love your pine cabinet and EEEEK a Sarah Richardson blonde Coco chair!!!! Sarah is my favourite designer, gosh I love her:) Your style is so lovely Chania, I could just move into your living room and not change a thing!! Oh and we have matching dogs ~ our Charlie is a golden labrador retriever, only he is an outside puppy...Thanks for sharing your beautiful living room with us!! ~ Tina x

  4. You're right. the pine piece is perfect there. looks great!

  5. Looks great to me...I do know how you feel though,I think it is just the always passes!! Chrissy

  6. Your livig room is really pretty. I just found your blog and need to finish getting caught up.
    Have a great weekend!


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