Friday, February 19, 2010


This was one of those Craigslist "yippeee" moments. When you know you've found something special and you are so excited.
The Craigslist photos did not do it justice.  It showed a smallish table with both leaves down, crouched in a corner of the owners laundry room.  But I could tell it was going to be special, and was so shocked that it was still available since it had been on for a few days. Well, I was stunned to see this glorious antique butternut pine table.  It weighs an absolute ton. The owner, my friend and I could not lift it out of the basement and up the stairs and we got it stuck right in the middle of the staircase and had to call my husband away from work to unstick it. 
My previous kitchen table was too long for the space, and the white chairs (which B Hated) have gone to the cottage.  So...I have swtiched it out with this table and use leather parsons chairs with it as they keep it from being too country...a nice juxtaposition I think.

Can you guess how much????

$110.00 (Canadian)

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  1. Loving the table and the cabinet you have above it.

  2. This is fabulous, I just adore the chunkiness of it, it looks heavy!

  3. Oh my!

    That is just awesome!

    And I have this little movie going in my head with all of you trying to get that table up the stairs....heehee....

    But it sure was worth the effort---gorgeous!

  4. I have not found anything this good on craigslist around here, Central California. I keep looking though. Thanks for sharing. The table is a much better shape and size for the room.

  5. Boy howdy! You scored ! Love the legs.
    smiles, alice

  6. What a find! I have had such luck too- I found a gorgeous console type desk for my daughter's room. Haven't had much luck since. I love the mixofold with new. The leather chairs look great!

  7. That table was a great buy for $110! Lucky find. It looks so much better than the other one. The warmth of the wood is so pretty.


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