Thursday, February 11, 2010


Why White always seems right

I have a real thing for white.  White walls, white linen, white painted furniture etc.  I especially adore white dishware, and most of all Vintage White. White is a natural choice for chefs as it showcases the food.  It also makes it very easy to set your table and add pieces without being too matchy...combining the different whites adds depth and interest to your table.

I am forever buying vintage white platters.


simple and modern

I like to use modern linens for a little juxtapostion...

... or embellished scrubby linens

....perhaps a teeny hint of pink

.....adding a little cream here and there...

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  1. The more I see white the more I have some!!~ I just have always felt with two boys, a dog and a husband things start to look dingy after a while.....I love your white dishes and I do have some of those!~

  2. I love white dishes, too. You have very pretty vintage linens. I love those.

  3. Love all your white. I am trying to add more to my collection.

    ~ Tracy

  4. Love it all. I agree, one can never have enough. I squeezed in an auction this weekend because the listing included ironstone. I truly didn't have time to go since my son had a b-ball game, but we did it and I shamelessly begged the auctioneers to hold up the stuff I wanted so I could get it before I had to go. Ohhhh, I have an addiction!

  5. I like the color white too. It's a happy color and nobody has a problem with it. Some guys don't like pink because they consider it a girl's color and some people don't like black because they think it's depressing. I don't hear anyone hating on the color white.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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