Sunday, February 7, 2010

Silver Sunday

Vintage Silver Baby Cups

I adore vintage silver baby cups.  I put them on the mantle with flowers in them, and on the buffet table to hold toothpicks.  I started my collection when my children inherited my grandparents christening cups, after my granny died.  My grandmother always had roses or something from her garden in their cups, side by side on their mantle. I thought that was very romantic, having their baby cups side by side.

My son now has his Great Granny's cup and my daughter will take her Great Grandad's cup to her new home.

Here is my Grandad's cup.
My Grandad's cup is Sterling Silver and has the most beautiful scrolling and etching and curved handle.  The workmanship on this cup is outstanding.  It is engraved WPH to EPH 1906.

My collection leans more to silver plate than Sterling because of the high costs of Sterling.  This one was a gift from a friend and has the cutest duck on it.

This one has "baby" in a lovely script.

This one has a random engraving.  It depicts some animals having a party, and is engraved with the following:

 "and the horse ran away with the chocolate cake"

For baby gifts, I like to find vintage baby spoon and fork ........................

..................and tie them with ribbons to the cup

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  1. What a nice collection of baby cups...your granddad's is gorgeous...what a treasure to have a part of your family history at your fingertips. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful collection of baby cups. So ornate! Happy SS!

  3. This is a wonderful collection. I have never seen silver baby cups in a collection before and thing these are just great.

  4. What a great thing to collect! So sweet!

  5. I adore baby silver. Your pieces are beautiful and your grand dad's cup is gorgeous!
    Wonderful Silver Sunday post!

  6. What an Adorable Collection ~ I can feel another Collection rising in My Soul.... Oh No, I am running out of room

  7. your collection is awesome! this is one of my most favorite collections i have seen. i am in love with the running away with chocolate cake cup! thanks for sharing them.

  8. I adore anything baby. These are wonderful, so cute.


  9. O, you would not believe how many of these I have, too! Love your collection.


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