Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sarah Richardson's Farmhouse-Boy and Girl Bedrooms.

A Boy Room, a Girl Room.  Toss of a coin.......
Sarah gets Girl........Tommy gets Boy
Tommy uses blankets from an Army Surpus shop for the Boy Bed....Sarah uses a chenille coverlet found in the original farmhouse and has the most gorgeous pillows made for the Girl Bed.
An alabaster lamp set off by bright floral drapery...........and the best feature of all in my opinion.....a barnboard ceiling that gave this boys room (that supposedly lacked features) a huge wow factor.  That was my favourite thing in both the rooms next to the flowery custom headboard whose shape was inspired by the "keystone" trim over a door.

All photos from . Some people have asked about fabrics and paint colors.  Paint by Para, from the new Sarah Richardson line. You should be able to find other details on the HGTV site.


  1. Both rooms are gorgeous. Love the use of blankets from army surplus and the girl pillows are just lovely.

  2. I love Sarah Richardson and the green bedroom is really my favourite!!

  3. Beautiful! So warm and welcoming. Love your blog!

  4. I love them both, however I don't know if I would have a little boy's room that "pretty"!

  5. I like the fabric on the girls headboard....and of course the ceilings.

  6. Your blog is lovely. Looking forward to exploring it more. Thanks for stopping by AtticMag and commenting on the Dutch wax-print pillows.


  7. Thanks for showing these rooms Chania! I love them both. Overall I really love the boys room the most. BUT I absolutel love the bedskirt made from the chenille blanket found in the original farmhouse, how special!! Wishing you a wonderful day ~ Tina xx

  8. Your blog is so pretty! Love it.
    Sarah Richardson is such a talent. I had the opportunity to shoot one of her projects, here in BC with Tommy. A fun shoot and a beautiful home.
    Have a good weekend!

  9. That girls' headboard is divine! I am soon going to decorate my niece's room and would love to have something like this for her. How wonderful that you've had an opportunity to have a bit of an "in" with the Sarah Richardson show. I don't get her shows on my cable anymore but I am an HGTV devotee and I have fond memories of watching many of her previous shows and so enjoying all the research and background on how certain items are made, the documentary-style portion of her show. Not sure if that made sense but just wanted to say it's great to continue following her work through your blog.


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