Monday, October 11, 2010

Bathroom/Bedroom Reno Before-The Ugly Truth.

If you want my advice, your master bedroom should be the first room you tackle after the kitchen and main bath.  It should be practical and organized and romantic.
Most people, I find leave it to the last.  The kids can have spectacular rooms with fresh linens and paint, but the master bedroom can be a dungeon. 
Our master bedroom and bathroom was so awful that we moved out of it into one of the other rooms.  What was going to be a reno 3 years ago is just about to happen.  This photo above is the walk in closet. 
And this treat is the adjoining bathroom still sporting it's 1980's Peachy glory. 
I do have a gorgeous tufted linen headboard that will be the focal point of this room.  This is what was left after the kids moved out, and what has become the unattractive guest room.
The floors will stay.  The "popcorn" stucco ceiling-(a Canadian home builders special) will be covered with beadboard and trim to make a subtle tray ceiling. 
The closet and the bathroom are side by side.  The wall in the middle right about where that crucifix from my Mother in Law (I fear not having it hanging) is coming out. Right where this crucifix is, will be the new opening with a sliding pocket door with frosted glass.
The plan is a freestanding tub on the left.  Porcelain sink in the middle, situated so the sight line from the bedroom is smack in middle of it with a mirror above.  Toilet to the right.
Carrera marble subway tile and a basket weave carrera and black marble floor. 

 His Nibs lost out on a separate shower stall here as it would crowd the space and require the toilet to be moved way across the room, and it just wasn't going to give me the long, simple room I wanted.  He has a great shower elsewhere.
In lieu if the closet, there will be 2 built in wardrobes on either side of the bathroom door where the existing doors now are.
I am most excited.  I love tearing apart the house.  We have a great contractor who does a meticulous job, who is not afraid.  I will post the progress as we go. 


  1. babe. so excited for you. and you are so right about how the masterbedroom gets left till last. I know mine did. we are just starting on a masterbath re-do as well.

    Love your plan. Did you design/plan everything yourself? I am trying to do that and it's a little scary....

  2. How exciting. I like the floor tile you've chosen - gorgeous. xx

  3. I actually clapped my hand together very fast as in Whee! Yeah for you! : 0



  4. Can't wait to see how this progresses! I might even share this with my own personal contractor as we are getting close to doing our own master bathroom.

  5. Hi Chania, I can't wait to follow this makeover. I love the ideas you have put forward and look forward to the journey. ;-)

  6. There is a certain glory in destruction and then rebuilding.

  7. Hi Chania! I can't wait to see it! You have AMAZING taste and I am sure it is going to be beautiful.......
    Health and happiness,

  8. Isn't the planning and destruction that accompanies a renovation exciting?? It's the rare human that enjoys the demolition and rebuilding process ... not just the end result. I love your choices, and I look forward to following you along on the journey.

  9. Indeed. The masterbedroom is last on the list!

    Your plans sound exciting and great. The part that made me most excited for you? The word C-O-N-T-R-A-C-T-O-R. Ahhhh. That is music to my ears. You lucky bum!

  10. I'm sure your perfect touch for simple charm will sort it out. I read this on the run earlier today and have been amused ever since by the Mother in Law's crucifix...

  11. Oh, it's going to be gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see more!

    Happy day to you, Chania!
    ~ Zuzu

  12. Ooh, this is exciting Chania! It all sounds so lovely, I can't wait to see it:) I am just about to start on our room, now that all the girls' rooms are done...but only a fresh coat of paint for me. Enjoy your reno planning!! ~ Tina xx

  13. look forward to seeing it chania, sounds brilliant! and i love that tile you've chosen!! jx

  14. looks like an exciting project! will keep up with your progress. i have torn apart and rebuilt several vintage homes as well. hope you can stop by soon!


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