Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall - Solitude

Up North it feels somewhat lonely and quiet now that the tourists have left for the season.  I always feel a little melancholy at this time of year. I caught this image of a couple of boat houses, non-one around.  Left now for the season.
 The water was a magnificent color this weekend, however there was a bitter North wind and although this looks inviting, it was far from it.

I do love the colors of the rocks and the frothy waves.

I happened upon this gorgeous barn.  Whenever I see an old barn like this, I wonder how long we will have to enjoy these gorgeous old barns as they age and get torn down.

I spent a good part of my weekend packing up bits from the cottage to take home for the season, or if it sells, to keep in town. I have been working on a decorating a girls bedroom for a client.  If all of my orders arrive as scheduled, I should be able to post pictures this week.

I am also starting a big Master bath and Bedroom reno at my own home next week.
I will photograph the befores this week so you can see how badly it needs it.  I am working with a fantastic contractor, so I plan to document it start to finish on a weekly basis. A wall is coming down, so that always adds drama, as does Simon the Contractor.


  1. Absolutely beautiful shots... thanks for posting. Lx

  2. I have been wondering about your cottage. I will look forward to your new endeavors.

  3. Beautiful photos Chani...your waters up North look as chilly as ours did yesterday. Mind you, they would be too cold for me even in the heat of the summer.

  4. Gorgeous shots! I just love all your photographs. They are so serene and beautiful.

    xo M

  5. Chania like J, I love your photos too. It's nice when the visitors are around, but to also have a little bit of space of solitude, to just be alone with your thoughts is a like a little bit of heaven to me.

  6. Great photos Chania! Can't wait to see the Bedroom/bathroom reno in progress. It's going to be our next project here too so any inspiration is appreciated!

  7. I think we fell from the same tree. Projects abound around here also and I cannot wait. Seems there is always something I want to "tweak' or fiddle with, but as I hear thunder rolling in the distance, today is a day for hanging on the porch and enjoying the rain on the tin roof. Hallelujah!

    The weather has changed! All is definitely NOT right with the world but in my little corner....

    cannot wait to follow the reno....whoo hoo



  8. The barn photo is my favorite of all the lovely images. I am smitten by old barns and lament their fading away.hugs♥olive

  9. Was it called, "Seal it with a kiss", that song that went, "Gonna be a long, lonely winter..." ?

  10. What beautiful images :)
    Have fun with your reno - I look forward to seeing it!

  11. You always take the most beautiful pictures. You don't need words - most speak for themselves. I wish I could snatch your cottage is exactly what and where I dream to be. Looking forward to seeing your new projects.

    Yes, come on over for tea! I'll wait for you on the front porch ~ :)

  12. What on earth is that bizarre structure by the side of the barn?? And what is the bottom part made of? It'd make a wonderful house.

  13. Great images Chania - and its amazing how they do capture that 'end of season' feeling. You must be excited about your own hime project! Can't wait to see the photos as things progress.

  14. Beautiful photo of the barn! I too apppreciate their beauty. Orginally from the midwest I am always a little sad whenever I go back and see less and less of these old barns and the shiny metal ones put in their place. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Hi Chania,
    this is my first time in your blog.. i found it through Little Emma English Home's blog.
    I love all your images expecially the ones of this post!
    thanks for the beauty ;O)


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